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There are a thousand things that will crawl up your mind during exams which can get you stressed, the sheer volume, the passing percentage, the assumed difficulties that you will face during your examination and what not. But the only thing which will get you through this is your sole confidence in yourself.

For students who are super stressed

While you prepare for your exams, the approach and attention that you have towards your topic are much more important than the hours spent on it. Each concept is different in one way or the other. It is critical to segregate these concepts into mini subjects and devise a separate strategy for each one of them. For your CA preparation, you can do much more than what you think you can do. With the help of the right strategic planning, you will clear your exams and score good marks. 


If you are appearing for your CA final then there are things you need to do. Here are some of the things shared below. 

1. Which group to choose?

Even if you haven't invested much time in self-study, the final months will be enough if you sincerely pay attention. You can try to attempt both the groups together. Since many people have observed that in every attempt any one of the groups turns out to be easier than the other one. But you'll never know which one it may be. Nevertheless, if you will that you can't take a lot of subjects at once, you may proceed with your favorite group first. 

How to prepare for CA finals May 2020 Exams

2. Make a proper time table if you can

If you want to appear and do well on your CA then you have to make time for a schedule. Understand the importance of making a schedule that will be good for you. Your schedule needs to define all the issues you have. For example, it will be good for you to keep a tab on the work that you are doing and in the best way that is possible. Once and for all, once you have done the work, it will be really good for you and in the right way so that it is really worked out for you. 

3. Don't just sit around

You need to keep yourself moving and stop fiddling around from here and there all the time. Make sure you invest your time rather than wasting it. Sitting around doing nothing or simply being idle kills your productivity rate and makes you more of a lazy person which can be very crucial during exams. Don’t be super relaxed if you have finished with your target topics, revise more, put more time and effort into it. Extra preparation will never go waste.

4. Planning is important

Creating a proper plan for your study hours and how to execute it is very important. Without an efficient plan or a schedule, it can be very hard to get things done on time. Planning doesn’t mean you create a strict schedule 6 months before the exams, it about how you plan your day. You may begin with what time to get up in the morning, timing your morning routine, and then sticking to the plan throughout the day. Similarly, you ought to do the same during an exam. The first 10-20 minutes that you get before you receive the questionnaire, think about how will you solve the paper and plan accordingly. Which question to start first and which one to keep for the last, how much time should you invest in one question, etc.


5. Make some short notes if you can

If you have some short notes for your topics then the memorizing and understanding part becomes a bit easy. Create one-liners, graphs, drawings, or short paragraphs for lengthy definitions, answers, or tough formulas. These short notes are a way to keep tough topics in mind and help you remember better as you are the one who created it. 


The above tips might do great things for you during your exams if you follow and practice them sincerely. 


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