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Common problems that students face

Children attend school unaware of things going in and around them, with a belief that they would get to know at school from their teacher the things that are going around them. But to their fate they are just taught what is in their books and that they need to excel in their book knowledge so that they aren't left behind, from scratch they are taught to be a ranker and being an average <a tar..

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How to prepare for CA finals May 2020 Exams?

There are a thousand things that will crawl up your mind during exams which can get you stressed, the sheer volume, the passing percentage, the assumed difficulties that you will face during your examination and what not. But the only thing which will get you through this is your sole confidence in yourself. For students who are super..

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CA Wali Success Story

Would you like me to give you a formula for success? It&#39;s quite simple, really: Double your rate of failure. You are thinking of failure as the enemy of success. But it isn&#39;t at all. You can be discouraged by failure or you can learn from it, so go ahead and make mistakes. Make all you can. Because remember that&#39;s where you will find success. Everyone has a dream..

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Detailed strategy for Strategic Financial Management

One of the most interesting subject of CA Final is Strategic and Financial Management. As we all know, SFM is the most scoring paper of CA Final and most of the practical lovers get more than 60 but however, few of them do not even get passing marks in this subject. The major reason behind this huge failure gap is lack of proper planning. See the subject SFM is all about pra..

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Corona virus and your exam preparations!

As the fear of corona virus is looming large on us, the coaching institutes have been closed in most of the states, offices have been asked to shut down. What should one do? Exams are approaching near and there are apprehensions about what&#39;s going to happen. Whether you open the newspaper or news channel or you talk to anyone, the only topic of discussion seems to be corona virus...

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Effective revision tips for CA Intermediate May 2020

It is not impossible to swot up everything till the last minute, but cramming everything in this time is certainly not advisable and shouldn&#39;t be made a habit. After all, it takes drop by drop to fill the pitcher. Thus the tips will work only if you have done your syllabus and now we are taking about the revision. To offer some more support, here are few ways you can master the last minute ..

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Proud to be a CA student

When a person is doing CA, he just only thinks about respect &amp; earning in the future after becoming CA. So he choose one of the toughest course of the world. For becoming a CA you have to sacrifice all your comfort or we can say you have to leave your comfort zone &amp; need to come in the struggle zone. There are lots of things that a CA student feel proud on that. When you say t..

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Reasons for failure in CA exams

On an average, more than 40000 students appeared in CA final &amp; how many students were passed just 10-12%. What is the reason behind this? Reason is not being study properly &amp; you need to increase your efforts. CA is consider one of the toughest exam so that&rsquo;s not a easy thing to clear it. so you have to work hard &amp; start the study as much as you can. Can you understa..

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If you should or shouldn't pursue CA?

Today I'm gonna share my thoughts on the above topic as many times I get queries regarding this thing that whether a person should or shouldn't pursue CA or if a person is already pursuing CA then whether or not he/she shall continue pursuing it. Well, the answer lies totally upon you only. How? Let&#39;s see. CA is undoubtedly one of the toughest and most sought a..

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How to crack CA Finals- Tips & Tricks

As we all know CA Final exams are in less than 2 months and everybody must be stressed out. I would like to help all my CA Final friends out there with some tips and tricks which actually helped me in clearing my CA Finals with 3 exemptions. So, Everybody who is attempting CA Final exams is already pretty smart and hardworking. So, if it is your first attempt then you must know what t..

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Amendments applicable for CA Intermediate - Paper 4 - Income tax for AY 2020-21

Paper 4 - Taxation (CA Intermediate) Relevant amendments applicable for AY 2020-21 Below are the amendments which are applicable for the May 2020 and the Nov 2020 exams. While studying this, please refer to the new study material (for AY 2020-21) available at this link

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My 13 attempts long CA Journey- It is not about how many times you fall but how many times you get back up

CA Journey - Meri Choti Si Badi Kahaani After I cleared my CPT I expected success to flood in, but 'Things did not really fall into place,' and I 'waited... and waited... and waited... and waited... and waited!' But around that time, I met myself and my undoubting belief in my potential&hellip; 'I asked me if I had faith in myself, then I should wait for it.' <..

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How CA-interns can be a polished industry professionals?

Recently CA-intermediate level result has been declared by ICAI and now the big question hammering in the mind of CA final students are 'where to apply internship?, 'whether to go for industrial training? 'Whether to self study or coaching classes? As I am working in big Multinational Corporate, what I have been experiencing is now only bookish philosophy to become Chartered Account..

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Ind AS: An Introduction and how to study them

Chartered Accountancy is a professional course and thus, it is expected from a CA student to possess an understanding which lives up to the title. A CA student is expected to understand the world of finance, not just parrot out bookish data. Thus, while studying, keep in mind you're not just a reader or a student trying to score passing marks in an exam, no, you are a professional. You will be ..

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CS Executive December 19 results declared

The results of CS Executive, December&nbsp;19 has been declared on the 25th of February 2020. The students can visit the following link to check their results: http:/..

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