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Dealing with Failure

I would like to start the article by sharing my personal story. I am not new to the failure; I've failed in so many aspects so far in life that failure would definitely outweigh successes. I had failed in examinations, failed in romance, failed in relationships, failed in starting businesses, failed in persuading parents, failed in grabbing some opportunities that could really boost my career, failed in recognizing who are my true friends and who are superficial, and so on. Few years back..

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Pandemic or Academic - Where your concentration Lies ?

Hello Dear Friends, I hope you all are doing good and staying healthy in the time of crises like this never seen before in our life. Given the situation, it is hard to say that many of you will be in question of a big dilemma of what is going to happen next and how our career will look in the future.  Professional Bodies (CA CS CMA) have released their part of the culture called Timetable or Exam Notification for upcoming exams. However, it is not clear whether to wri..

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ICAI releases FAQs on Opt-Out Option for July 2020 CA exams

FREQUENT ASKED QUESTIONS (FAQs) AND THEIR ANSWERS In continuation to Important Announcement dated 15th &amp; 17th June 2020, students who have made applications for appearance in May 2020 examinations and to change the city of examination or to&nbsp;"Opt-Out"&nbsp;of May 2020 Examinations and in lieu of it appear in November 2020 Examination with due carry over of the fees paid, exemptions etc. may go through the&nbsp;FAQs&nbsp;mentioned below: Table: <div class..

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CA Exams: Success Without Stress

You will ask what is not to worry about, the exams are soon (always are), you are under-prepared (always are), an enormous amount of study material to be covered and no help in sight! So, is there a way to prepare comprehensively for the exams without getting those grey hair and losing sleep? The answer starts with another question. Why is the success rate so low in the CA Exams, what is so particularly difficult about the Exams, and what is causing the stress? I..

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Mental Health- Root for tree of Beautiful Life

Nothing is more important than mental health. Please include mental health in your definition of journey to success and happiness. Mental Health Definition &nbsp; Mental Health is the level of psychological well being or an absence of mental illness. It is the state of someone who is functioning at a satisfactory level of emotional and behavioral adjustment In other words, it is a state of well being in which every individual realizes his or her own potential, ..

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To Opt-Out or not to Opt-Out in July 2020 CA Exams?

The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India made an announcement on the 15th of June 2020. The announcement was long-awaited as it aimed to address the issues of students related to the July 2020 CA Exams. In the past few weeks, we saw students taking to Social Media on their stand on whether/not the Institute should conduct the exams scheduled for July. There were some students who were of the opinion that the Institute should not conduct the exam because of the ongoing spurt of COVID-19..

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Believe You are miracle!

The demise of Sushant Singh Rajput has deeply saddened everyone. We have lost one of the greatest actors. In this hour of grief, I would like to share my views with all of you. Being a CA finalist, I can feel every student is going through different problems in their respective life. But I would just say one think. Guys feel blessed if you are safe at your home. Appreciate yourself, you are getting homemade food (Maa ke hath ka khana) Isn&#39;t it beautiful? Indeed it is.<..

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Flash fill in Excel

Microsoft Excel is undoubtedly most user friendly tool and being extensively used all over the world. We might be using it daily or maybe casually, but probably always wished that we knew more about this dynamic program. Most of us don&#39;t use even 5% of its capabilities. While most of us know use of VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH &amp; INDEX formulas, there is one more useful formula for us, which is FLASH FILL. What&#39;s so great about FLASH FILL? It&#39;s quick ..

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Things a CA Student must know to secure his career

There are lot of profession but we choose CA because of the dignity in this profession. Every CA student have only a dream that he/she want to achieve i.e. to become Chartered Accountant as soon as possible. I really feel very proud of to being part of the CA community. There are also certain things that a CA student must know to secure their career. He should analyze the following things to secure his career: 1. Competition in CA:&nbsp; If you are select CA as..

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Should you quit or not quit from CA course

According to study on an average a person take 3-4 attempt to qualify a CA exam. If you are near this you should continue to CA because you gave it much time so you can&rsquo;t drop out easily. You have many questions for not to drop out from CA. Sincerely, I didn&rsquo;t think to quit CA never ever but every thing has certain limitation surrounded in it. When you attempting the CA exam many times you will feel demotivated &amp; hopeless. There is not a certain number for an attempt..

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How music helps in memory building

Psychologists, neuroscientists and researchers have done extensive study in the field of memory and music.A Stanford study found that "music moves [the] brain to pay attention." Researchers found that "music engages the areas of the brain involved with paying attention, making predictions and updating the event in memory" ..

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Have you found the pause button in your mind?

Our mind is like a chatterbox, there is chit chat going on every time. When we are working on something and doubt in our mind rises, that single thought of doubt gives rise to 100 alike thoughts and analysis regarding all the possibilities of why that stuff won't work and we are left depressed about the situation. ..

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