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Hi Friend, Paper No 3 of CA Final is Advanced Auditing & Professional Ethics and objective of this paper to gain expert knowledge of current auditing practices and procedure and apply them in auditing engagements and to develop ability to solve cases relating to audit engagements.

But our first objective is to pass this paper. In my opinion, if you are serious for this paper, you may face difficulty. So don’t be serious and be cool while attempting this paper.

Before start to share the tips w.r.t crack this paper, I want to ask a single question from you, which will tell you about your passing or not.

So Please tell me whether the coming exam attempt is your last attempt or not?

If answer is YES then congrats yourself. If answer is NOT then promise to yourself, you will not sit in exam after coming attempt. This will be your last attempt.


During your exam if you have no idea about the answer of a question, generally you skip the question.

Please attempt all question whether you know the answer or not. You can write general answer, over all you are in CA Exam.

You may face so many question in your life for which you have no idea. But you have to solve.

Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe- Abraham Lincoln

If we apply the above for our CA exam, so first we have to make our strategy and devote some time on it.

I want to share some tips and strategy on how to pass this paper easily.

1. Please start your reading in following manner (30-35 Marks)

• Audit under fiscal laws
• Peer Review
• Professional Ethics
• The company audit

You give your 700% to complete the above chapters. No question will be there for which you are not aware. Surely you will be crack.

2. Now start Auditing Standards. (12-16 Marks)

• SA 230
• SA 240
• SA 260
• SA 299
• SA 330
• SA 500,501,505,
• SA 550,560,570
• SA 600,610,620
• SA 706,710
• SE 2400
• SAE 3420
• SRS 4410

3. Guidance Note (4- 8 Marks)

• Reporting under section 143(3) (f) and (h) of Companies Act 2013
• On CARO 2016
• Audit of Financial controls over financial reporting
• Reporting on Fraud under section 143(12) of the Companies Act, 2013

4. Accounting Standards (Already covered under Financial Reporting Subject)

5. Rest topics should be covered from practice manual. (12-16 Marks).

From the above on average base, 30+ 12+ 4+ 10=56 Marks. (Happy but this will happen only when 700% efforts from your side)

Practice from Practice manual is must. Read the question and write the answer then check the answer from practice manual. At least 7 times revision is must. Please note you are going to memorize selected area so no excuse will be there on these topics. 700% efforts required on these topics plus a general understanding is required for giving the answer which we have already used during our training.

For general understanding, please go through all chapters for taking the crux of the topics. Remember friends No pain No gain. We are going to become professional. Our efforts should be in planned manner.

At last, I want to memorize you my first statement 'Whether coming exam attempt is your last attempt or not'

If you want to pass the exam, most important, after reading this article:

• Please stop all social involvements.
• Separate yourself from all types of social networking.
• Avoid making friendship on social media and useless calls.

Health is also very important. Take care of your health.

Have faith on you and read with smiling face.

The author can also be reached at


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