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We all know CA exams recently concluded. Some of us would be enjoying this new found freedom and some of us would be preparing for the upcoming November exams.

Friends, CA is not difficult to crack, all you need is little a little patience and hard work. There is no shortcut to success. One cannot expect himself to pass by doing selective study of any course. You might have heard the proverb-“A little knowledge is a dangerous thing “. The same applies to our reputed course and the recent papers have confirmed this.

Coming to my main article a proper mindset is required to appear in any professional exam


Follow these tips to ensure that your hard work does not go in vain


  1. Remember you are working this hard for yourself and not for anybody else.
  2. Set a target you would like to achieve .the thing here is to be realistic. Setting a target like All India Rank 1 when you have less time and more syllabus to cover would be an inaccurate assessment of the situation.
  3. Write down on a paper the marks you would like to achieve and see it every day. This will surely motivate you.
  4. Keep social activity to a minimum. It’s good to meet your friends but when I was preparing I did not meet my friends and they understood me.  Remember you will have enough time after your exams.
  5. Don’t get sad by seeing some of your friends in Finals. Remember everyone has a separate life journey and you don’t even have an idea what they have gone through.
  6. Prepare a list of topics in each subject which want extra attention. By this I don’t mean that you should ignore other chapters.
  7. Use compilers as a tool to help you and don’t use it as an end itself. Refer to ICAI modules and other reference books
  8. ICAI modules are thick but don’t doubt their ability, they are the best. They just need some time and effort.
  9. Always remember that no matter what the result is, hard work will never go in vain. It will help you at some point of time.
  10. Don’t stick to important questions given by some teachers. Everything is important. 
  11. Prefer to study in room isolated from noise, disturbances.  This will surely help a lot.
  12. Study at whatever time you want to but I would like to say the most productive study happens in the morning when your mind is completely fresh.
  13. Be focused in your studies.  Remember wastage of one day might lead to wastage of 6 months.
  14. Don’t lose hope in god because you are failing again and again. Remember everything happens for the good.
  15. Take short breaks during your study. It’s important to freshen up your mind after a period. For e.g. after studying for 3 hours take a break of 20-30 minutes.
  16. Don’t ignore your health and eat unhealthy food. Remember CA is war and a fit body surely helps u.
  17. Keep the talking to the minimum. Reduce your time on the phone. Instead talk to your parents who know you better than anybody else.
  18. Never let the past haunt you. Take each attempt as a fresh attempt. This will help to keep the frustration to the minimum and lead to more focused study.
  19. Ignore the harsh remarks of other on failing. They don’t even know what you are capable of. Your success in exams would be a sweet revenge on them.




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CA Mayank Khatri
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