How to crack CA exams in first attempt

As a CA student, the day he joins for the CA course, someone or other would be behind him saying that “CA is tough we should work hard”, “CA student should study for at least 16 hours a day”. I wonder that every student had heard such type of quotes during his preparation and study, but the ground reality is not that much tough when ypu do ‘smart work’ rather than hard work and plan carefully each and every subject, we can easily pass the CA exams in first attempt.

Here are some of my instances which I had focused in my life during my preparation to CA-PCC and CA- FINAL, and in both the exams I had passed in first attempt. This attempt is to guide my future CA mates such that they can crack CA exams easily.


Coaching classes plays an important role for cracking CA exams in first attempt. Starting with:

1. Once glance through the portion or the problems that have taught on that day rather than postponing them by saying that they can be studied at a stretch before exams. Because the syllabus like CA were everyday we would be learning some new variety of problems and new concepts everyday, the concept which had learned on that day would be very much fresh in the mind on that day, and if given a revision if would be permanent in the thoughts, and also the concept would be easy but the second revision plays a key role.

2. If any home work is given on that day, at any cost complete the home work. It gives you an immense clarity of concept, perfection and also confidence to deal with.  

Refference Books:

Not only the muscle power but also proper weapons are important to succeed in battle. Like wise for CA exams good reference books plays are also important. It means not that to read all the available books in the market, it leads to a situation of keeping two legs on two boats. Stick to one single book and concentrate only on that book. First give priority to CA institute books. Though much time it would not be amended, outdated and not understandable, much of the questions in CA exams are coming for the CA institute material. Here are some of the books which I believe to be helpful to CA students for a good preparation.






Surabhi Bansal



L.Jayaraman, Munish Bhandari






Girish Ahuja, Vinod Singhania



Best advised is CA Institute material,

And other authors depending upon the quality and experience



Best advised is CA Institute material












Surabhi Bansal, Vinod Kumar Gupta



L.Jayaraman, Munish Bhandari






Swapnil Patni., Chandrashekar(Snowwhite)



Vinod Kumar Gupta



Ajay Jain


What ever be the books referred, but once give a glance to institute books. because the main subject is derived from the Institute books itself.

Group Study:

1. Coming to the part of group study were many of us would be interested rather than for a sole study, I  give priority for group study only for revision rather than for the first time study. I prefer to study any new topic or any concept only when I am alone, it doesn’t mean that I would not study in group, it means only the use of one mind, because the clarity which you gain in individual study is much different from that of the group study. And during the second revision, if you are in the group, it makes more difference than an individual revision. Because while you are discussing for the second time in the group, if any concepts not covered by you in your study will be covered, and also any doubts raised by the others will get you a good clarity in the subject. So my advise is for the first study be individual and for revision be in group.

2. My sincere advise to the friends during group studies is to avoid chatting topics other than the subject related , because it doesn’t waste time not only for him but also for the other.

Family Involvement:

I prefer to involve their family members also for a battle like CA exams, because family support and blessings are very much helpful indirectly in CA exams, In fact I give my credit for passing CA exams in first attempt only to my parents because the support which they would be giving during situations like when we feel tensed, or dull or not confident will boost you very much. Its not the matter that they are educated or not, it’s the matter of support  and involvement.


Coming to the part of preparation which is the liver of the entire CA curriculum. A good planned schedule is a half done success. After the Coaching has completed and starting for preparation, check out the number of days available for the exams and give a grace of one month before the examination and priorities the available number of days to both the groups.

1. First prepare a list of all the Chapters in all the subjects in a chart such that you can have an eagle eye view on the entire subjects and topics.

2. Analyse the extent of clarity and confidence available in each subject and concept.

3. In this context I would advise everybody to first make the SWOT analysis, like in which subjects you have interest more and less, in which you are grasping easily, you are confident in theory or practical like wise.

4. First complete those which are tough to you. Strange but true, unlike a dialogue of a hero in film, first completing the tougher ones will give you more confidence rather than the easy.

5. Starting with planning the time table, set a target for a week in each subject and plan the time table in such a way that you would be able to cover them in that selected period.

The above discussed point is not that much easy as it is appearing for this you have to be confident in you SWOT analysis. To get clarity for this I would advise students to make a target for each subject  for a week, now coming to planning for the day, out of 24 hours a day keep a side 9 hours i.e. for sleeping and other activities, 15 hours a day, do not plan the whole day for a single subject, because a study shows that, while studying the level of concentration would be increasing stage upto 3 hours later there would be a decline in the level of concentration unless there is a break of 15 min., so after every 2.5 hour give a break on 25 to 20 min to start the new. It doesn’t mean that to watch TV or browse the facebook in the given time, in this time you can sleep for some time of listen to any soft music which will make you feel motivated. There are so many motivational songs that can be played and heard while you are preparing, it is advisable only for those who have the habit and to sound to a limit extent.

Plan the day of study of 15 hrs in a way that it is divided in to a period of 2.5 hrs each and priorities the subjects in that periods such that you would be able to achieve the targets in the respective allotted periods.


Revision which is a part of preparation is very much crucial for the CA exams.

1. Making the short notes of the syllabus covered will be very much useful for the revision purpose.

2. If possible make presentations in the charts and paste them to your walls in your room, like Amir khan in ghajini movie,  though it sounds funny., when ever you are feeling bored or not to study by just glancing over the presentations in your room, you would be in contact with the subject and also time will not be wasted.

3. If possible record the theory answers in your cell phone and listen them when you are outside or driving.  

4. Try to make mind maps and short notes for the effective revision of the concepts.

Mock Exams:


There is a saying “if you want to succeed fast, fail first”-Author Unknown. It would advise to write mock exams before appearing for the final exams atleast 2 months before the examinations. This is further discussed as follows:

1. Exams like CA were there would be many surprises, bounces and night mares, which are experienced in the examination hall can be experienced even before by taking the mock test as serious as that of the main exams.

2. Even our Cricket players when ever they go for foreign tour, they play a practice match before the main match, because they can know the climatic condition, pitch and many more like wise in CA exams too, attending for the mock exams will help you to know where we are, how to manage the time of given 3 hours to answer the maximum questions, and presentation skills, where to concentrate on more, where we are strong and the exam pattern (though some times it is a surprise in hall).

3. Writing mock exams doesn’t require an environment of Hall, we can easily write in our home by downloading a question paper which is unknown to us and allocating a period of 3 hours and sincerely writing the exam.

4. It doesn't require the correction because the performance you did can be measured by you by the extent of confidence with which you have written the examination.


Coming to part of updation, every student must be updated with the latest happening in the field of the Direct taxation because in CA exams the main focus in some papers is only on Amendments and updates. And Also we should be perfect with case studies and suggested answers that are present and kept in the CA website. Regular updation with CA student journal will also pay a much role for the knowledge of the students.


The above are the some of the areas which I had focused while preparation for the CA exams in my Curriculum. I wish all the CA students “All the best “ and pass the CA exams with flying colours.


CA Bhargava           


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