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How to access Tally ERP on Mac?

vishal dharmadhikari , Last updated: 26 October 2023  

Working on the Tally ERP solution is easy for Windows users, but what about the rest of the users? Users who are not Windows users, such as Mac users, may be unable to download or utilize Tally on Mac. On the other hand, Tally accounting software may be utilized on a MacBook because of its useful and productive features. Read on to discover more.

Is Tally ERP compatible with Mac?

Yes, the Tally ERP 9 application works on a MacBook. Using some indirect ways users can access Tally accounting software on Mac.

How to access Tally ERP on Mac

How to set up Tally accounting software on Mac?

There is no particular way to access Tally ERP 9 on Mac, as far as we understand. However, there are four alternative methods for downloading and running Tally software on a Mac.

1. Dual Boot
2. Virtualization Technique
3. Crossover & WineBottler
4. Tally on Cloud

#1: Split the hard disc or Dual Boot Mac OS client machine

Boot Camp is a boot-loading mechanism that enables users to install the Windows operating system on their Mac. Dual Boot is a way of accessing two operating systems and using one at boot time. When you use Windows OS, you have access to all data files of Tally ERP 9 in a parallel workspace.

Dual Boot's Advantages and Disadvantages:


  • Mac users can utilize Tally ERP 9 and other non-compatible applications.
  • Using two systems to run two different applications reduces hardware costs.


  • Limited Storage
  • Files that have been stored, downloaded, or altered on one OS cannot be used on the other.

#2: Tally On Mac Virtualization

Tally ERP can be downloaded using Parallel Desktop and vBox, which allow you to create a virtual machine (VM) on your Mac. As with dual booting, you can install Windows OS and in that virtual machine run Tally.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Virtualization:


You would be able to operate Windows software on the Mac platform as well as Mac software on Windows.


  • You're likely to experience speed issues
  • Switching between the two operating systems is difficult.

#3: WineBottler or Crossover

You can run Windows applications on the Mac OS platform using tools like Crossover or Wine. This approach creates a layer between the Windows application and the Mac OS.

Advantages & Disadvantages of Crossover:



  • It eliminates the requirement to install the operating system
  • It also eliminates the need to pay for a Windows license.


  • It's challenging to install and set up because it doesn't support the latest Tally version, demanding a complete installation stage again.
  • Uncertain whether it would function 100%.

#4: Using Tally on Cloud

Tally on Cloud is a term that refers to the usage of Tally with effective cloud technology. Everything is feasible, though with the assistance of RDP's superior technology. Yes, using this you may run Tally on Mac. RDP stands for Remote Desktop Protocol, and it is used to operate your tally account via virtual technologies. Tallycloudhub's is the most trusted Tally on Mac service via Cloud computing.

Advantages and Disadvantages Tally on Cloud:


  • User-friendly, need only cloud infrastructure and a live internet connection.
  • Data is available in real-time.


  • If you don't have access to the internet, you won't be able to function.


Tally on Cloud is getting popular, and it is highly recommended to use Tally on Cloud for the functioning of Tally ERP on Mac. Tallycloudhub offers the most economical and reasonable Tally software on Cloud Plan. 

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