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Dear Friends and Students,


There are only 45 days left for your CA exam ( both IPCC and final exam). Whether you had studied well or not well before, if you are not doing a good acceleration during these 45 days will cause a poor result. So, we have to focus first how to utilise these days productively and effectively and next how to present a good answer.


1. Give a mission statement in your brain that you can, In this connection forget your past failure or even if you had not carried out your daily study routine well.


“Give the message You can” my life experience.

In 2004 may exam, i was failed 3 time in a single subject costing and FM and i decided to quit the exam. Mentally lost the balance. The fact that i had failed inspite of my best effort and it is quite miserable. All my friends were cleared PE 2 was multiplied my feeling several time. I was not touch the book even with left had during April 14. From April 15 onwards i had started my studies, i changed my outlook and given a positive feedback that i will clear the exam at any cost. Exam was post poned for Two more week given me a further moral confidence. I was aware that not done my preparation well and my limitation.


I had given more than my level best focus during these limited days, holded a good grip over all the 3 papers during these days. I have  only one goal, to clear the exam at any cost and carried out studies at my level best.


I was taken a decision that whether the paper may be easy or tough, but i will do what my level best for the preparation aspect. Due to past failure, some positive energy comes with presentation aspect. Extra care, i had given in the answer part.


At last the exam is over, i had a level of satisfaction that i never had in my level best and i had learned a lesson that nothing is impossible provided if we arise , awake....


2. Understand where you are now, what your limitation is and what is a solution for overcoming your problems. These days are more than enough for clearing the exam.


Each of you has a reason for failure, which may be differ but unique for a particular segment.


My life experience

I was failed costing and FM due to my improper method of studies. Before carrying out the studies, i had understood my defect; I understood that lack of conceptual clarity and lack of problem solving skills and Time management skills.


For improving conceptual understanding, i had solved the questions without referring to the solution part. Some problems were taken more than one day to get a solution. Some problems i never got the solutions. But i had put my best effort for unsolved problems by my end, hit to the concepts. This approaches helped me to get out of my issues.


3. Prepare systematic and balancing studies for all these days. For clearing your exam fix a mark on each and individual subject.


4. Mark fixing should be done according to your past exam trend. Out of which one or more subject should be an “Exemption” Level paper.


5. Give studies according to your goal. Targeted papers may be a toughest paper for clearing or any other paper for securing 60 plus mark so that there is no aggregate issues.


6. Keep an eye on past questions and answers (suggested answers) and scanners, even if the trend may be differing.


7. Be sound in the conceptual level; write the answers in your way with clear margin number with suitable heading and sub heading and all the related points in a comprehensive and cohesive manner.


8. Never spend much time in social networking site such as Face book, Orkut, and other chatting site. Never waste the time for entertainment. Because these last moment acceleration would have a better effect in your studies.


These 45 days is very important days in your career and life. It is your choice whether to utilise with better and effective manner or Not


Wish you all the best

Vivek M


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