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Good Revision is Critical of Exam Success

Ankur Garg , Last updated: 26 September 2014  

Dear Students,

Through this small write up I would like to raise an alarm regarding importance of good revision from November 2014 and December 2014 examination. Most of the students tend to neglect the proper revision of contents they have studied for exam. I believe as a member of professional fraternity it is my duty to remind budding professionals about the importance of good revision in exam. Nowadays revision is not just a revision it is called intelligent revision. Chances cannot be taken regarding good revision. Reason being lack of revision may become the reason of your failure. A good revision is just like a key to your success.

You are advised to go for intelligent revision of your course as many times as possible. My understanding of intelligent revision is a revision followed and supported by a good and hi-tech revision plan. We’ll discuss about certain tips and tricks to make your revision more fruitful and successful keeping in view that fact that November 2014 attempt for CA Students and December 2014 attempt for CS students is approaching. I am hopeful that this article will help you regarding your overall exam preparation. Please find below my point wise revision method which I used to follow during my exam preparation:

1. First identify important topics or chapter from exam point of view and prepare or write down bullet points covering the entire topic or chapter. Keep referring these bullet points after a gap for 3-4 days. It is advisable to prepare this revision note book for each subject.

2. Develop a habit to discuss important topics, chapter, case laws and sections within your coaching and other friend circle. There is no point of isolated study. Try to mix with student group for fruitful academic discussion. This will surely help you to ensure better grip over the topic and act as a good revision strategy.

3. It would be better to develop or create a basic revision plan at the initial stage of study. If you are studying and studying without any idea about how you are going to revise all that you have studied, than you will be in trouble at the time of exam. So it is very important to prepare a revision plan. I hope article will help you devise a good revision plan.

a. Method of revision 1: Simply prepare short notes of important topics in bullet point form and paste them on the walls of your room. This will help you to revise them effortlessly and regularly. This is the method I used during my exam preparation time.

b. Method of revision 2: Identified important chapters based on scanner and prepare a summary of them for last minute revision. This is very important suggestion keeping in view the fact that this will help you to revise a chapter in few minutes. You may increase or decrease the summery on the basis of your conform. If due to regular revision you are comfortable regarding one chapter you may decrease the length of that chapter summery.

c. Method of revision 3: Today everyone is using smartphones for playing games, messaging etc. Now it is time to use your smartphones for some real purpose. Nowadays most of the phones contain document viewer and document editor. You may transfer the soft copy of revision material or notes in your phone memory and refer and revise everything during commute time. This method is really useful and now with technological advancement in the field of phones and i-pads it becomes very handy for everyone. I understand it is not possible for everyone but still we may consider this as a revision method.

d. Method of revision 4: I would suggest you to prepare a list of important topics and chapters which are very important from exam point of view. So at the time of revision it is very essential to have the knowledge of important chapters and topics. So with the help of scanner prepare a list of important chapters and topics. You are advised to regularly revise these chapters and topics. This will save your time and energy during the final preparation of your exam and enhance your confidence bcoz you know important topics are on your tips at the exam time.

e. Method of revision 5: There are various secondary sources available for exam preparation and revision provided by ICAI. These secondary sources of revision include Revision Test papers, Practice Manual, Mock Test Papers, suggested Answers etc. Use of these secondary sources is very crucial to check and finalise your exam preparation. So take note of this point. You may download Revision Test papers, Practice Manual, Mock Test Papers, Suggested Answers relevant for November 14 examinations from the link given below:

a. Many students have a tendency to refer new study material till the last moment of exam. This is really harmful for exam preparation and your revision plan. However during routine preparation students may use more than one book or notes. However in the process of revision I would suggest you to use single book or use your note book. This is really important to save your time and maintain your revision planning. Revising one topic from multiple books is really fetal to your preparation. So keep this point in mind during exam preparation.  

b. It is a very simple fact that if you have conceptual clarity about a particular topic, than you would not be required to put too much effort for revision purpose. For quick and successful revision at the exam time it is very important to have clear idea of concepts and basics. Kindly appreciate If your concepts and basics are not clear then revision will take extra time. So try to be conceptually clear about everything you study. See revision process is just to remind you what you have prepared during usual preparation of your subject and chapters.

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I sincerely believe that the suggestions mentioned above would be of some help in your exam preparation. Do not forget to share your comments.


CS Ankur Garg

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