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Few Study Suggestions for Company Secretary Course

Ankur Garg , Last updated: 06 August 2014  

Dear CS Aspirants,

Through this brief write up, I would like to point out few essential points which need to be observed for preparation of Company Secretary Course. Company Secretary Course is a professional course known for its compliance related course structure. After the applicability of Companies Act, 2013, the role of a Company Secretary has become more critical due to the enhanced rules and regulations. 

  1. Don’t be shy to use ICSI Study Material: My very first suggestion for getting success in CS Examination would be to use Study Material provided by the Institute. I had realized this fact during my study days itself and this realization proved very useful for me. I had developed the habit of using Study Material provided by the Institute. Many toppers have given credit to Study Material for their success and acknowledged the fact that MODULEs played a vital role in their exam preparation. So never feel shy to use Study Material provided by the Institute.
  2. Do not be afraid of Law: As you are aware that CS is a law based profession where knowledge of various laws is must to ensure 100% compliance of applicable laws. In this way to have to study lot of theory and understand the interpretation and implication of law. So there is no need to afraid of law. If you are doing CS then study of law is must. It is better for you to develop your interest in law as early as possible otherwise CS is not your cup of tea. Initially you may find law difficult but I am sure as you go on it become much easier for you.
  3. Theory paper also demands conceptual study:It is a big myth that conceptual study is required only for numerical subjects like costing, Accounts etc. However my view is totally different in this regard. For theory paper like Law and Audit conceptual study is very much required. With crystal clear concepts, one can easily handle practical problem asked in law and audit. So in CS preparation, I would suggest you to focus on right interpretation of sections. You may use bare act of Company law for this purpose. For example first read basic theory/definition of a particular topic and you will automatically get the concept about the topic and you can easily write about its objectives, process etc. just by remembering definition.
  4. Understanding of Exam pattern: Understanding of Exam pattern is very important in professional examinations like CA, CS or CMA. So I would suggest you to keep exam pattern in your mind while preparing for exam. This will help you to plan your study accordingly.
  5. Learn to strike of excess study material: It is always better to strike off excessive theory about a particular topic as we cannot study and write everything about a topic in exam hall. You may find detailed description about a particular topic in study material or in reference books. After a reasonable study, strike of the unwanted portion about that topic in in study material or in reference books to avoid confusion later. Don’t go by thickness of modules as many of the contents are not useful from exam point of view.
  6. Thorough study of chapters in CS Course: Through this write up we are talking about how to handle professional exams like CS. As we all are aware that CS is a professional course and to survive and perform well in professional career, it is advisable to have thorough knowledge of subject matter. Hence I would suggest you to develop a habit of thorough study of chapters provided you have time to study. Thorough study is always good for enhanced confidence to deal with a particular real time situation. If you read the topics thoroughly then not only writing skills but also your drafting skills will improve which make it easier for you to write in exam.
  7. High scoring and frequently asked topics:If you have less time for exam preparation, then you should focus on high scoring and frequently asked topics as far as initial study is concerned. This is very important to save time. One should prepare and follow the list of high scoring and frequently asked topics. To figure out high scoring and frequently asked topics, you may use scanner. Scanner will provide you a bird’s eye view of all important topics and chapters.
  8. Refer additional study related aids:InCS exam preparation study from study material is not enough. Develop a habit of referring reference books. It is important to refer past examination solutions published by ICSI. You may refer last 5 years suggested answers issued by ICSI. CS Guidance notes along with solved scanner also play a big role in scoring good marks. If you got the opportunity of attending oral coaching classes, seminars etc., then go for it without any hesitation as the same may be very useful for you.
  9. Writing and Presentation skills are very important: CS Course is highly reputed course so your writing skills play a major role in giving you extra marks. CS is basically is theory based course where writing and presentation skills plays a very important role. Lack of good presentation especially in theory paper is one of the major drawbacks for most of the students. In theory subjects good presentation of theory is must along with mentioning case laws and sections etc. So I’d request you all to take note of the same and work on your skills to ensure success.
  10. Always update yourself with latest amendments: Nowadays we are witnessing various changes in law and other subjects. For professional exams like CS it is very important to update yourself on regular basis. Recently old Companies Act, 1956 was replaced by Companies Act, 2013 which will be 100% applicable in near future. MCA is issuing notifications and circulars in this regard. So keep yourself updated with such kind of changes in Law and tax etc. You are advised to refer ICSI student journals along with magazines like Chartered Secretary. ICSI website has become more user friendly and you may easily download latest updates, latest circulars, guidelines, notifications details etc. which may be of very useful for you.
  11. Course along with CS: As per my suggestion with CS you should go for LL.B. to grab top opportunities at management level. LL.B. is a very good combination with CS as far as course content and understanding the corporate environment is concerned. If you are having LL.B. qualification then it would be counted as an additional advantage and you can easily and confidently handle or administer Legal work/department along with the secretarial work/department. Later on you may be designated as legal and secretarial head.
  12. Few Other points for CS preparation: If you are not comfortable with any subject or topic then approach some teacher to discuss it immediately. You may also share your query in caclubindia. It is also advisable to go for group study. You may discuss tuff topics within your friend circle to ensure grip on the same. Further it is also important to mention that with proper planning CS is also possible with job or coaching. Doing professional course with Job requires good time management skills.

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The course of Company Secretary is a very reputed course and lacs of students are enrolled with ICSI. One of the biggest problem is lack of proper guidance as far as preparation of CS course is concerned. Many students failed due to lack of guidance. Through this write up I have made an attempt to share my experience with all of you. As per my opinion with small changes in your approach towards the CS preparation, success rate will increase.  


CS Ankur Garg

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