There is a general perception that only people with an IQ level of 150 plus can get a rank in CA Final. If you feel the same way, think again.


We asked a few freshly qualified CAs, who have not made it to the merit list, about their marks in CA Final. The average score worked out to be about 426 marks per student. And in November 2005, All-India 50th rank holder got only 449. So, this means another 23 marks or 3 marks per subject and your name could have been in the coveted merit list!


So what is the difference between securing a rank and merely passing? Is it only 23 marks or a different mindset altogether? We are not saying that scoring those extra 23 marks is easy but then even scoring those initial 426 marks isn’t child’s play. If you can manage to clear the exams, getting rank is not that far away. What you require is something extra. Someone has rightly said, “The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.”


Do we think that you are not doing enough already? Then what does this “extra” mean?


The extra means passion. Passion to achieve, passion for recognition, passion for accomplishment.


Just do this extra every day, every hour, every minute. Extra effort, extra focus, a dash of this extra in everything.


Believe us if you are ready to do that extra, getting a rank in CA Final is definitely achievable.


Okay, so now that you are all charged up and raring to go, we suggest a few tips to achieve that extra:


1.      Just sustain this feeling. Get up every morning with your goal in mind.

2.      Follow this from day one in your studies.

3.      Go for extra in every subject. Devour the case laws in DT and IDT, practise harder in MAFA and Costing, learn your Accounting and Auditing Standards.

4.      Highlight the potentially important portions in every subject and revise them as much as possible by putting in extra effort.

5.      Identify your strengths. Know your weaknesses. If Standard Costing was never your strength, then working 10 hours more will not change it. Spend these 10 hours on OR. Remember that you need 23 marks more, which can come either by scoring an additional 3 marks per subject or an additional 8 marks in 3 subjects. So, mark the subjects where you can make a difference.

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