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Before I begin this article, I would like to draw your attention towards a perception, that most of the people carry, which made me write this article. It is a perception of masses at large who think CA is difficult. That’s what provoked me to come up with an article to change this mind-set. But, as Gandhi ji said, ‘You must be change you want to see in the world.’ So, at first, I infused change within myself. I changed my mind-set first. Now I’m here to share this view with fellow CA students. If I’m able to communicate my thoughts, even to a single person and initiate a change then I shall consider that my idea of coming up with an article has been paid off.


If I was asked to sum up common man’s view about Chartered Accountancy course in two lines, then that’s how I shall prologue it.

“A prestigious course with a challenging road that test you beyond the limits, doesn't offer any leniency and that’s how people define Chartered Accountancy”

People normally carry this view about Chartered Accountancy course. They feel that CA course is very difficult and is not everybody’s cup of tea. They Judge CA course by passing percentage. Well, it’s not about less passing percentage which makes CA difficult, it is psychology of people which is making CA seems tough.

Apart from this, people carry few other misconceptions in their minds. These misconceptions often hover around a CA student in form of following questions. (Every CA student must have faced such questions and might have felt the same, the way I felt)

a. From which college are you doing CA?

b. In which year are you, first or second?

When I first faced such questions, I felt pity of their general knowledge. But when these questions were repeatedly been asked, I was little frustrated. I wanted to be like that guy in Chloromint Ad, slapping whosoever asked him, ‘Hum chloromint kyu khate hain?’ and replying with the slang, ‘Dobara mat puchana’.

But, in irony, I was always replying politely to their monotonous questions. Well, we CA’s know how to handle things diplomatically and are practical from the beginning, aren’t we?


Chartered Accountancy course is not about hardships. It all depends upon our perception.

Our thinking, our acuity equally proportionate what we see and feel.

We are surrounded by such people who know nothing about CA course but still keep on saying that it is very difficult course. There are few who don’t even know that CA is not done from any college or university, rather it is a distant learning course. But, still they keep on saying that CA is very tough.

When we constantly hear from such people that CA is difficult, the sub-conscious mind directs our efforts to make it difficult. Before I proceed with this statement, let me tell you about sub-conscious mind. Our brain has three parts in terms of consciousness – CONSCIOUS MIND, SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND and UNCONSCIOUS MIND. Let us know more about Conscious and Sub-conscious mind.

The conscious mind is your awareness at the present moment. You are aware of something on the outside as well as some specific mental functions happening inside. For example, you are aware of your environment, your breathing, the chair that you are sitting on or article you are just reading.

The subconscious mind consists of accessible information. You can become aware of this information once your direct your attention to it. Think of this as memory recall. For e.g. you can talk on the cell phone and still arrive home safely, because you are aware of your surrounding sub consciously. You can also easily remember phone numbers that you frequently use. In the same way when you hear from people regularly that CA is difficult, it gets fixed into your mind and your efforts automatically get directed to make it difficult.

So, it’s not passing percentage or ICAI that is persuasively making CA difficult. It’s breed of such people around us who are making CA difficult. Who has given these people right to say so? The answer lies within. The answer is ‘YOU’. Yes, you have given these people right to affect your mind-set and it’s only you who can change it for better.

It’s high time now. We need to tell ourselves that let these people say what they want to, but we won’t let their negative thoughts affect us. If thoughts of such people can affect us negatively, then think, if we do the reverse of it, what wonders it can bring for us. If we keep telling ourselves repetitively that ‘CA is not tough. I am already a CA. Just few exams stand between me and CA degree’ then these things will start affecting our sub-conscious mind positively and our efforts will automatically get swayed in positive direction and CA shall not seem tough.

Having said that, it doesn't means you do away with hard work. Hard work is the key to success. Even luck favours those who believe in hard work. But, to change the mind-set, affected by negative thoughts, is equally important.  Wake up every morning and say it to yourself that ‘CA is not tough and I can clear my CA exams’. Repeat it daily. Record it on your phone and listen it daily. Say this to your friends too and if you come across people who persuade negative thoughts in you, then ignore them and keep faith in yourself.

Guys, this course is not just about academics. Very few courses on this globe give you a taste of practical life while studying academics. And this is the beauty of this course. You can practically apply all those things which you are studying simultaneously. You are very lucky to pursue this prestigious course. Stay positive; believe in yourself, do the hard work and you will be on your way to success.

Do write me on how you felt after reading this article and if you feel it worthy enough, please share it with your friends. You may also follow me on my blog - Knowledge Boulevard.

- Written by Rohit Pandey
(Currently working with RPMD & Associates,
AA-8, 1st Floor, Shalimar Bagh, New Delhi-88)


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Rohit Pandey
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