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Dear Students,

Thanks for overwhelming response by more than 13,300 students on my previous article “Tips for average CA student for cracking CA exam”, which has inspired me to write again on Small things that need to be considered while writing exam in Exam hall.

Always follow the time table in exam hall. Divide the 3 hours exam time in different time slots. Take provision of half an hour. Now you have only two and half hour i.e. 150 minutes and exam paper is 100 marks i.e. 1.5 minutes for one mark. Suppose a question is of 16 marks it means you have only 16*1.5= 24 minutes, if 10 mark question it means 10*1.5= 15 minutes. Now try to complete the question within the allocated time and if you take more time for any question then the shortage of time can be covered up from the provision of half an hour you made in the beginning. By doing this planning you would be able to solve 100 marks paper within 3 hours time. I have done this in PE-II, where everybody used to say that Costing & FM paper cannot be completed in 3 hour and by making time table I finished the Cost & FM paper within 3 hours and got 88 marks.

After the each exam paper take 2 hours sleep before you start your study for next paper. Take proper 7-8 hour sleep in exam day as you continuously study for 15-16 hour including three hours of paper writing.

Do not use new pen while writing exam because of low writing speed at initial level. Try to revise/ go through the theory/practical paper on the exam day itself. Even in case of practical paper, if you do not go through the conceptual question you sometime might not be able to give the answer.

It is the common practice among students that after the every exam paper they tally the answer given by them with their notes at home or discuss with the friends. Whenever solution matches with the notes then they feel happy but when it does not match then they seriously get frustrated by saying YAAR SILLY MISTAKE HO GAYI. If I had done this then solution would have been correct. This affects the next paper. Your mind does not work proper and always think about the mistakes you did and finally you lose your confidence for next paper by thinking YAAR FIRST PAPER MAI HI PASS NAHI HONGE AB AGLA PAPER ACCHA HO BHI JAYE TO KYA HOGA. But truly it is not so. It is therefore, advisable not to carry exam paper after writing the exam and discuss with your friend. Leave the exam paper in the exam centre and believe me it will help you in next papers. Earlier I used to check exam paper after the exam. Because of this I really suffered a lot in next papers. After that I decided I will never check my paper after the exam and in CA Final I followed this practice. If you want to check your paper check after the exam is over. And believe me TUMHARA MAN BHI NAHI KAREGA CHECK KARNE KA. You will leave it for the results.

In exam hall before writing the exam paper, when you are free and waiting for exam paper, exercise with your fist. Why so, actually in exam hall we feel nervousness, our hand get cold and our speed gets very slow in first half an hour, this happen because of low supplying of blood circulation. To improve our speed from very 1st minute of exam, “APNI RIGHT HAND KI MUTHHI KO LEFT HAND PALM PE JOR SE MARIYE AND LEFT HAND KI MUTHHI KO RIGHT HAND PALM PE.” By doing this your blood circulation will get normal and your writing speed will increase.

Just before starting your exam you should also take deep breathe in - breathe out, it will remove the tension/fear of last minutes of exam.

With best wishes,

My personal experience

Atul Mittal- CA Rankholder

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Atul Mittal
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