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Employee healthcare is no longer a ''s financial wellbeing. It is a good idea to get them employee healthcare benefits, which have many financial advantages. Here are just some of the many ways employee healthcare benefits help businesses save -

  • Tax Savings: Healthcare plans are entitled for tax deductions, since the premium you pay for your employees is considered an expense.
  • Cost Savings: Flexible and customisable plans allow you to pay just for the number of employees and the benefits you have and want, helping you cut down on additional costs.
  • Productivity Boost: Healthier and happier employees are more productive, and take less time off, allowing you to earn more with less resources.
  • Savings on Turnover: Unhealthy employees tend to have high turnover, forcing you to spend more on hiring and training. With healthcarore plans, those costs are cut down.

For large businesses, getting employee healthcare benefits is easy. However, that is not the case for MSMEs and startups. Right now, small businesses are often unable to get quality healthcare benefits for their teams for one of three reasons -

Employee Healthcare Benefits Made Easy for Your Clients with Onsurity
  • Plans aren't economical enough to suit their budgets.
  • Plans aren't flexible enough to suit their needs.
  • It is hard to get a wide range of benefits in a single place.

Luckily, there is a solution. Onsurity Technologies has created employee healthcare plans just for MSMEs and startups. Onsurity's membership is designed keeping in mind the unique requirements of small businesses, allowing them to get the most value for their money. As a CA, you can help your clients enjoy all these benefits simply by helping them sign up. It only takes two minutes.

Employee Healthcare Benefits for Your Clients

Employers and businesses can subscribe to Onsurity for their team with a wide range of selectively curated plans. Here are just some of the many ways Onsurity is a great choice for employers -

  • Customizable: Employers can pick from the many selectively curated plans available for their team. Employers can choose to extend benefits to just their employees, or their families as well.
  • Flexible: With Onsurity's revolutionary monthly subscription model, employers pay only for the number of employees they have on the payroll that month. With easy onboarding and deletion, employers can add/remove employees as required.
  • Digital First: Onsurity's digital-first solutions are easy to use anytime and anywhere. That means employers don't need a dedicated role to manage their healthcare plan. It also allows all employees to enjoy their healthcare benefits, no matter where they are.
  • Economical: Onsurity's healthcare plans allow businesses to save up to 50% of their healthcare costs, by providing low-cost employee healthcare mixed with a flexible approach. That way, all small businesses can afford employee healthcare benefits.
  • Support: Onsurity's Customer Success Team and Good Doctors Team offer the best support possible, allowing employers to quickly and easily resolve any and all issues.

Benefits for Client's Employees

Onsurity is a great option for not just employers, but employees as well. If a business chooses to subscribe to Onsurity, employees can enjoy -

  • Easy Access: The Onsurity App allows employees to use their benefits at any time and at any place in India. All the benefits are available in one single place, so there's no need to download multiple apps and remember several log in details.
  • Comprehensive Benefits: Onsurity offers discounted medicine delivery and health check-ups, doctor teleconsultations, fitness tracking and group health insurance and accident insurance benefits through their insurance partner for members.
  • Easy to Upgrade: Employees can easily choose to upgrade their benefits if they want, by paying for the difference. They can also choose to extend their benefits to their spouse, children, parents, siblings and in-laws if they want
  • Anytime Help: Onsurity's Good Doctors Team is available anytime to help resolve any issues and assist with hospitalization and claims. That way, employees benefit from professional guidance that can help ensure that their claims have the best chance of being approved.

With such a wide array of benefits, Onsurity is easily the best choice for MSMEs and startups. From teams of 3 to 300 and more, Onsurity's membership is available for everyone. Not only do employers save more, but also enjoy tax benefits and the many advantages of a healthier team. Why not help your clients get an Onsurity membership today? Doing so will not only make you a more responsible accountant, but also help your clients save more of their hard-earned money. You can help make your client a healthier, happier and more productive company with Onsurity as their healthcare parnter.

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