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For those who push studying to the last moment, often lag behind everyone. But none of us can afford to cheat with our academics. For all the lazy ones out there, here’s the good news for you. Observe these three strategies to cope with last moment exam irritability.

1) Turn topics into songs or poems: It may sound corny but you have heard it before and it really works. It definitely works better than falling asleep with a partially-read book covering your face. Take some basic concepts from your textbook and transform them into a goofy song, poem, or even a rap. This simple thinking exercise not only familiarizes you with key ideas in an almost fun way, it makes it easy to ‘sing’ the song back to yourself while taking the exam. So next time when you lag behind don’t forget to take this invisible cheat sheet along with you.

2) Have someone question you: One of the reasons we all hate studying so much is that it often confines us to either an awful silence or even to an undesirable loneliness. It's definitely much more appealing when there is someone there with us to turn studying into an interactive quiz show. Asking questions and throwing around ideas are friendlier ways to see what we remember. Psychologically, it's less stressful and therefore easier for us to learn. So if it’s the infamous night before an exam call up your classmates and get yourself engaged into this kind of academic activity.

3) Stop freezing: If it’s really the night before an exam and you haven’t capitalized anything from anyone, just stop getting nervous. Stop putting off what you have to do, just go ahead and do it. Don't tell yourself, "Ok, I'll really start studying after a snack" or "I'll get into it once XYZ serial is over.” No! Get busy right now. You don’t even want to refresh yourself. But still you'll feel better about studying the whole night, if it is from 8 PM to 4 AM than from 3 AM to 4 AM, as you wasted all that time just getting up to it. So think logically and act now.

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