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My warm greetings to all the readers out there!

Have you ever been in a situation that you bought a particular Novel or a book and wanted to finish it as soon as you can (Within a specified time)? Or you may have a deep craving to know what happens at the end?

Or have you ever faced a situation that you are asked to give any random performance, it may be a dance or a singing performace, or simply an extempore and you have wanted to make every step of it perfect?

Or being a Chartered Accountant or as an Article, you went on a Bank Audit or any Audit, you are just busy collecting the concerned Reports so as to get your report done within the time.

Or as a student, you just want to finish the Syllabus  at the earliest of any particular subject you picked up ?

These are some common scenarios we all might have faced in our lives at some point of time. 

Okay, so what’s common in the above examples? It is that you are just busy being focused on the end result or just trying to be too perfect.

Like when you are reading the book and want to finish it then the actual factor that works in your brain is completion of that book in a given time. Instead of extracting some meaningful message out of the book, you focus your attention on completing one book and starting the other. The whole purpose of reading the book is ruined.

Or when you are just focused on knowing the actual suspense or ending of a story, then you might skip the minute and informative details contained in the whole book. 

When you are asked to give any performance randomly, which might surely have happened during our GMCS or MCS or Orientation Program, a few of us might want to look it completely perfect. What you loose in the sight of perfection, is your enjoyable moments with your friends. Sometimes being a bit unprepared is the best show for the audience. Let your innocence come out and not be ruined due to your longing for perfection.

When we are focused on completing a particular subject, number of chapters in it, number of concepts in it, then, in reality, we are just focusing on “Numbers” , we contend that we have finished with Audit, SFM, FR but you might not know what’s actually going inside our brain. We are just reading and reading further without looking back and stopping to know how much we have grasped. And believe me it is the reality that when you focused on “Quantity” that you will certainly miss out on “Quality”.

These are just examples I quoted but you will find 100s of situations like this.

What I am trying to convey by giving such examples is when you work with the intention of being too perfect or when you are concentrated on just end result, then such mindset can be disastrous sometimes. 

Train your mind not to be perfect because if you do so, then you will never be satisfied. Instead train your mind to initiate, to live the journey and the moments to the fullest because the ending is just one point but to reach to it you have to cross the miles. So Make your journey worth remembering.

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CA Gyati Gupta
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