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Do's and Don'ts on Exam Day - Part 2

CA Madhukiran Reddy , Last updated: 11 April 2011  

Exam Day Preparation


Dear Friends, May Exams are reaching very fast… Hope all of you are preparing well for the exams.


In my opinion, In your 9 months time.


First 8 months are to be treated as one (1) part and the last and most crucial 1 month is to be treated as another part.


So now all of you are in the second part of your examination time…

Here are my suggestions for you to prepare well for the examination in this peak time.


Firstly I want to say that don’t go for any new book before 1 month for the examination. I mean instead of going for new book revise well the book which you studied till 8 months (first part).

For example: For the Tax subject if you are referring Taxman (Singhania) then read and revise that book as many times as possible before the exam instead of going for any other book like Padhuka(G.Shekar) or something else.

This will increase confidence on subject.


For the Practical Subjects, Try to do combine study with your friends who are equally competent persons to you. If you do combine study with the persons who are lower and high standard then you, you may be too slow or fast when compare with them.

So, better do with equal standard person to you.

Also do the combine study with you and any one person. Don’t do with three, four people. Many number of people creates more diversion of topic.

Don’t do night outs before the exam day, this will result in lack of sleep and create stress on mind which results in failure.

So avoid that, sleep minimum for 8 hours in exam day.

Live example: when I am writing my exams I use to sleep at 10 P.M and use to wake up at 5 A.M. again in the morning at 11.00 A.M I will sleep and wake up at 12.00 P.M.

The reason is because when we study from morning onwards till the exam time. Our Brain will become heat as a result we are not manage to write exam well.

If you sleep for a while before the exam, Your mind will be fresh at the exam and the topics which you studied will get to you in examination hall.


Don’t read any new topic on the exam day. Read and revise the topics which u studied before. Only revision should take place before the exam no reading of new topic should exist. So, if any new topics are there learn that topics now itself. Please don’t give stress to mind on that exam day.


Avoid talking with friends who will always say “Are yaar I didn’t prepare well for the examination, so that I will fail this time”. These type of characters will be there in everyone’s life. This will results in de-moralizing you. Impact of this is stress will increase. So, avoid them till the exams…


Try to plan your study at morning time. Many of us say, I will be very comfort at night study, why about many of us even I would like to say that I am very comfort at night study. But I really experienced that “we can learn anything faster in the early morning when compare with night”.


For some of us there will be pressure at home, For those who get the disturbance in home. Go to friend’s house for combine study or go to the Library but don’t adjust to that situation.

Also don’t be shy when you are going to friend’s house. Many of my friends use to say “If I go to his home daily, what he will think”. No one will think anything wrong, You are not going to his/her house for watching movie/IPL. You are going to study along with him/her. So, no objections from either side.


As I already said in the first part of this series try maximum to avoid log on to Facebook, Twitter, Orkut etc., during the exams....

Not only log on Computer switch on karna totally band karo!!! If you want to switch on you system then it should be for study purpose only. Don’t waste time for even for one second for useless things. Every second is equally important. If you are wasting one minute means examination is coming one minute near…. Remember that and beware of that!!! 


These are my do’s and don’ts on the exam day preparation. Next Part 3 of this article is going to deliver as soon as possible. It is going to deal with Do’s and Don’ts in the Examination Hall…

As usual I am waiting for your valuable comments to fill up energy in myself.
So, Please Comment if you like this!!!


Also see the Part 1 of this series which is about after the exam and motivation

Do’s and Don’ts after writing an Exam – Part 1


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