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I am very fond of movies. Specially movies of Superheroes possessing various superpowers. I always wonder, what will happen if I get those superpowers. But through the journey of my life I have understood that there exist one superpower that we can inculcate in us & this superpower is Discipline.

We have been learning it from our childhood about the importance of discipline. But still we are not disciplined yet. Very few people in this world stuck to discipline in their life, hence very few people get the taste of success.

Discipline is a superpower. We have to make commitment in our life that whatever happen in my life I will be disciplined. If you really want to achieve something in life, such commitment is required and you should be ready for sacrifices also. From my personal life I understood that I became CA only because I maintained the discipline throughout the preparation period. There are the lot of hardships, sacrifices, pain while applying discipline, but we have to keep our commitment. For that we should have a great hunger toward our goal. There is a quote of American motivational speaker Jim Rohn that says 'We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.' When one learns to conform to a particular set of rules he understands the importance and need to follow a particular pattern in life and how veering away from them can make life difficult and confusing, All successful people understand the importance of discipline in their lives and enjoy the fruits of success. An undisciplined person is prone to temptations and can easily fall prey to a lifestyle which could lead to his failure and doom. Discipline, thus! is inevitable as it gives direction to live life in a harmonious, and orderly way.

Discipline is a superpower which attracts other superpowers such as confidence, Self control, Diligence, consistency. With the discipline one can harness those qualities and will get some energy ,self confidence each day so that one day he become the person he always wanted to be. The goal and dreams starts to materialize. The person become hero in his eyes, which is an ultimate goal and after that nothing in this world can stop him. He keep setting new goal and keep on working towards it and ultimately he achieves that. It become habit of that person.

In CA students life also the discipline is having utmost importance. As they have to fight on daily basis. Once you become disciplined nothing in the world can stop you. So get committed today and become the Superhero of your life.


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Bhavesh Khanvilkar
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