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I have had a great experience till date of working with an MNC and a reputed export house. I am as grateful to my seniors and colleagues who taught me many lessons in my life as I am for working sincerely and passionately for my employers. Although I believe that we never loose, we either win or learn, I have had many experiences of taking bad decisions, not being able to explain even when I was right and taking the blames on me when I knew it was not me who should be blamed for the same.

Professionalism is not just a term, it is an attitude of learning and growing day by day.  One must not expect perfection from others but a certain level of professionalism must be expected from people to be able to make them understand what you are thinking at a particular point of time. I do face such situations in my day to day professional life where I know the exact situation and the manner in which I should behave but I fail in making the other person understand the reason behind the fact that why we are standing in such a situation. The reason is very simple in most of the times. It becomes hard for you to make those people of your professional life understand the situation who seem to be the people much more experienced than you.

Situations might change and vary but the facts should not be neglected and a reasonable explanation can always help you to come out of that particular situation. But that's where you fail in at times. You are not able to give the right explanation at the right time and hence are blamed for. 

It is always said that one of the good quality of a good leader is s/he takes the responsibility of his/her subordinates. True!! But that cannot be taught to everybody as leadership is an inner attitude and can never to taught to anyone.

Now the  question arises is why in corporate world blame games are played. Reason can be :

- People do not want themselves to be shown as a bad figure in front of their bosses and hence blame their subordinates for the wrong done.

- They are afraid of loosing their own jobs no matter how badly it will effect the other one's.

- Lack of confidence while explaining the reason behind that particular complex situations and hence blaming someone else for landing into that situation.

- Inability of handling a particular situation and hence blaming others.

Reasons are many but we need to focus on the solutions. Management should be able to understand and judge the complexity of situations. Decisions should be taken in a prudent manner. Management should make sure that everyone's interest is taken care of and nobody is being effected adversely.

One cannot neglect the fact that the older you get or the more time you spend in an organisation, you start gaining the confidence of others but the same must not be taken for granted and the same power must not be used against someone else in the organisation. Management must also take care of the fact that no one in the organisation is taking extra advantage for the management's fairness.

Thus we must always be cautious while getting into such situations where someone else's fault can turn up to be our problem and if it happens we should deal with the situation and prepare ourselves with the relevant facts to get out of that particular situation. 

What all is required is trust and confidence in our own capabilities.

Believe in yourself!!

CS Nisha Sharma


Published by

Nisha Sharma
(Company Secretary)
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