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Congratulations! Now, either you have a good reference or a better marks (probably AIR) or a great patience level to call up the HR yourself. 

Step 1 and the major step is taken care off. Waking up one fine morning by the HRs call. What to do next? 

1. Online Aptitude test: The first call is probably gonna be about the online test link being sent to you. (Wait till the end of the day, you will get a mail). Once you get the mail, Don't hurry ! Take time, find a nice place, laptop and read instructions carefully. Calmly give the test!.(can be given within a week or so, but don't wait long enough). I trust you enough that after cracking the IPCC exams, I don't need to advise you on Aptitude test. (That would be lame for our standards) 

2. HR Round: Well if you are still reading, it means you have got a second call from HR stating that you have passed the online aptitude test. Be ready to visit one of those flashy offices, (at first you will think you don't belong therte, But Hey! you can surprise yourself). 

Now remember the HR is not a devil with two horns trying to fail you, He merely wants to understand you. There are no as such thing as tricky question. But be prepared with the usual 4 questions.

a. introduction 

b. family background

c. Why CA? why Big 4? i am telling you, there is no as such thing as stupid answer, make sure whatever you tell them is true. 

d. Why Audit/tax?

Remember if you pass the interview those people will be your co- worker. So, tell them truth. 

3. The technical Round: Chances are they will ask you merely 1 or 2 questions and let you go or they will crush you with your concepts for an hour untill you start doubting yourself(i have personally been through both.). Make sure you know that not knowing answer is not a sin, you can tell them "i dont know"

At extreme level which i went through: The interview was divided into 4 parts Accounts, Law, Audit & tax. The interviewer will be a CA, so chances are he might not know your syllabus, so he will crush your basics. (i think if basics are strong, you can make it to any big 4)

Important links to subject:

  • AS- 29, 10 & 9
  • Law: CARO, 2016
  • Audit: SA 700 series
  • Tax: TDS rates(these are the most important, make sure you rot learn it), Why tax? why direct & indirect? 

I laughed out of stupidity after my technical rounds. But the thing is they see your potential. 

4. Partner level: I always wondered why the Senior partner had to meet us and what he would discuss. So his experience speaks, If you have passed the technical round: He knows your concepts are tested. He would force you to think deep, where you see yourself 10 years from now? But remember you are an 19-year-old, and you are allowed to have dreams that go beyond you being a CA. I told him, i wanna be a Sketch artist, publish my own book, travel & have a practice. I dont think its stupid to say all that.  And ultimately he will see something in you that will make him to hire you!

Sit back and wait for the offer letter, one fine day your mobile will show a mail notification saying Congratulations! Offer letter with Big 4! 

Live that moment! For me it was like my greatest achievement as an 18 year old!  


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