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As concurrent audit is a continues function it will always be called as extended arm of management function, a tool to reduce the gap between the transaction and audit of the same, a part of Internal control and so on.   

In spite of being there in the auditee place near to the transaction, it may be possible that the concurrent audit not able to detect the frauds or non adherence to the banking functions by the auditee. How this will happen, to my mind this reflects the similarities in the work between a family doctor and  a con current  auditor.    


We never go to the family doctor without cause, the cause will be a regular one, small in nature, troubling for a short period, in anticipation that the cause may turn worse if not attended. When we go to the doctor we tell them the symptoms we observe  and let the family doctor to decide the future course of action. The basic is symptoms, correct information of the  symptoms, and guiding the  doctor for forming the judgment that is his diagnosis.The family doctor has knowledge of our body as he is  regularly treating us, he knows which medicine suits us and hence  after his diagnosis he provide us the medicine and in most of the cases the problem get solved in three days to one week. In few cases if the problem is not cure he refer us to a specialist for further treatment.     

The approach to the concurrent auditor by the auditee will be the  same,An auditor expects the auditee to come with information about the symptoms if any, discuss the  history of the  auditee, form the judgment about the problem, provide for solutions, provide the tools as medicine for a  period, auditee has to adhere to the solutions or methods given for the cure, and the problem will be solved in majority of the cases, in case of major issue the auditor ask the auditee to  refer the matter to higher authority that is a specialist.   

Providing information:    

We never go to  family doctor and without telling him the symptoms ask him being a doctor find out what happen to me. We also not  approach by not giving or hiding , or misguiding him about the  symptoms. If we do the same we know  we have everything  to loose and family doctor has nothing to loose. We have also never have approach to blame him for whatever happen to us and have no tendency to put the losses on his head.

In the same way, a concurrent auditor expects the auditee, to come with symptoms if noticed by auditee ,he  has approach to add and inform  the auditee if any symptoms noticed by him during the course of his audit. Both together have to find out the solutions i.e. medicine, and the auditee has to adhere to the solutions. The purpose of  the concurrent auditor as in house family doctor will be fulfilled if the approach remains  the same. 

Guidance Function:    

The family doctor, guide us giving the reasons why the illness happens and  also how to avoid the same in future. It is simple as not taking cold drink if you have cough and cold. We generally have tendency to adhere his instructions atleast with in the treatment period and some days after the treatment till we forget the illness.     

The concurrent auditor has also try to guide the auditee, during  the interactions to avoid or  give more attention to some functions which may cause of  illness short or long term. He also expects the auditee to remember the same at least during the course of  correction and after till he forget the same in routine.    

Respect the Views:    

The family doctor knows the epidemic in a particular area and for particular period. If the symptoms are nearly similar in nature he may conclude the decease and provide us the medicine. Whatever he decides we respects his views and act on his instructions without objecting the same. We also allow him the correction when he says take normal pills for  some period and if not cure he gives us antibiotic. We may try to suggest him about the decease but ultimately his views are  final. 

The concurrent auditor has also expect that his views  should be considered and given more weight age. He also expect that sometime he will be allowed to do correction. after due discussion he expects his views as final and auditee has respect his views, as the same is beneficial to both. When we  approach our family doctor we never think he has no knowledge and doing time pass in his dispensary. 


A family doctor never ask for the fees, when the discussion is over and he write down the prescription,  we ask the doctor about what fees to be paid and we pay immediately. We never negotiate with our family doctor nor we say the same will be paid after the decease is cured.   

The concurrect auditor has also does not want to ask for  the fees time and again. He expects the fees comes to him at a point he provide medicine and writedown the pescription in the form of report.


To my mind the functions of the con current auditor and a family doctor are  the same. The parties have to  behave in the same manner in both the cases.    

Over and above:

No body asked who was a  family doctor when the patient died.The people only discuss about the causes of the death and precautions he  not taken by the patient to avoide the death.  


CA.Satish C. Badve.    



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CA Satish Badve
(Professional Practice)
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