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Common habits of the toppers

Manali banerjee , Last updated: 23 December 2016  

People who top competitive exams always have plans and strategies. They also armour themselves with certain common habits and traits which give them an edge over others.  

It's important to clarify that this present generation of ours is extremely hard working and sincere with our studies and career. So "beta, you haven't worked hard enough/ you weren't sincere enough" will not work. This generation is pretty sagacious as far as studies are concerned. 

Here I am compiling certain common habits toppers have:

To do list: First thing they do in the morning is prepare a list of stuffs they need to get done in the day. Chapters, page numbers, SAs, sections everything is planned for the day

Subject strategy: Mostly, students take up one subject at a time, finish it and get going. Many of them happen to compile it as '1 theory 1 practical' in order to break the monotony of a single subject. 

Focus on numerical papers: Usually, toppers score a mammoth in the practical papers. 

Revision/mock test papers: At least 2 mock test papers they do solve, you don't have to go to the institute to give the test. You can simply 'self-help'.

No too much study: Most of the toppers I've noticed don't study for 15 hours or so. They have a dedicated routine which they follow. They don't focus on the hours they would study rather for them completing today's "to do list" matters the most.

Give yourself the much needed breaks: Science proved it! At least once a week bang a few games of FIFA, have a debate on why Suarez bit Chellini, catch a movie or simply sleep for the whole day. Your choice! But no study. I REPEAT no study that day. 

Is rank necessary? No. 
Is this the only way you can get a rank? No.

Is it bad if I take more than 1 attempt to clear my exams? Not at all. Make sure you just don't become a CA but an 'employable CA'. For companies that matters way more. Building your overall personality is way more important than getting a rank in the exams. Because that's what matters in the long run. 

I can't vouch if the above will definitely get you a rank. But for sure you will be a step ahead than others. Good luck for May! Wish everyone of you an advanced happy new year.  

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