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Preparation for a Competitive Exam: The Role of Meditation

CA Aditya Shah , Last updated: 24 December 2015  

We all have read management. But very few apply it in our personal lives. Ever wondered what is the importance of planning to reach an objective? There's a certain control that the management theory speaks about. That allows for successful implementation of the plan, that takes corrective action to make sure that plans are realised.

If your aiming to get good marks, meditation is your control. The control that sets you back on your objectives. Mediation is that part of your routine where you connect to your real self, where you are interacting with your inner self. To understand what you truly wanted to be.

Even if you are a little worried about something, or something didn't go as you expected it to be: Ask yourself does it really matter ? When you have a book open infront of you and you are thinking about something else: remind yourself, would it really matter? If not, then its pointless wandering in such thoughts. Wasting your valuable time on them. What the book contains is definitely more interesting.

But that's the thing, we don't know. We don't know that while we are not studying and lost somewhere, the world is still moving. Or even if we know, we don't realise.

"Bas 5 minute aur fir il study" Or even finding some round time figure like 11:15 se il start studying. No! Start where you are. Remember to embrace as much as positivity & good habits as you can. 

Your performance truly depends on how determined you are. So if you are getting distracted or finding something tuff, it is the right time to meditate. 5 mins of meditation isn't much time for the surprising results it gives you.

Let us take an example where you have tuitions all day. Some even have college. At the end of the day, you reach home all tired. The question is: Can you study? And your mind answers it subconsciously: no you can't. So you WhatsApp for some time, have your dinner & goto sleep. Some would even spend more time on WhatsApp but not study. This is where you need to train yourself. Meditate for some time & re-arrange your priorities. We see some people working much harder than us. We feel we can’t match them and come up with our excuses. But the truth is, it is just because of their determination. Trust me, we can definitely equal them. All we have to do is condition our minds. The earlier you do so, the better!

And i'd like to cover another important segment: Emotions. We all are linked to the world in some way. Things make us sad. Things make us happy. The one question that we must ask ourselves is does that thing really matter? If yes, it’s fine. But if not, engaging yourself in needless emotions is an absolute time waste. Realise your self worth & set your targets high.

Building towards an competitive exam isn't just preparation with studies. It is something more. So do make sure you take your best into the exam. So that when you reach the exam centre, you have that one target set in mind: I am here to conquer.

Do make your schedules, plan your studies & work with determination. Let Nothing Stop you.

"The only cure i had to sadness was to keep on working" Shahrukh Khan during his struggle days

Thank you if you liked my articles & if it helped in some way.

All the best!

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