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A commerce student has very few options when he/she is about to leave school and enter the so called “The Real World”. Unlike a science student who can take up ‘n’ number of engineering courses and get a job even before he graduates or get into a medical college and become a doctor, a commerce student, willingly or unwillingly has no other option but to take up CA if he has to make a decent career for himself. 

Most students take up CA because they are genuinely interested in Accounts, Auditing and Finance amongst other things, whereas there are many students who take this just because of the pressure surrounding them, both from their peers and from their parents/relatives. Students who take up this course without any particular interest in it are the ones who generally leave the course midway, when faced with failures. They don’t have that drive to go the entire stretch and put in that extra bit of effort required to clear the exams. It is always advisable to do things that interest you because then only will you put your best foot forward.

C.A. ranks amongst the most difficult courses, not just in India but across the Globe. Cracking CA isn’t the easiest thing in this world, it is very rigorous. It requires a lot of Patience, Dedication, Hard Work and a certain amount of luck; well there isn’t a thing in this world where certain of degree of luck is not required. Patience is the keystone to success in any field and more so in CA because of the long duration and the uncertainty attached with it. Although we say that time flies but still three and a half years is a long time and this is if you can manage clearing all the levels in one go, which in itself is a herculean task for most of us. We go through a lot of things during these three and a half years, college, articleship, tuitions and many more responsibilities & distractions. To keep yourself focused for such a long span of time isn’t easy. There are days when we feel exhausted, feel like running away from everything. That is the time to breathe easy, relax a bit, go out with family and friends and refresh yourself and comeback stronger than before.

One surely needs a big heart to do CA. There will be failures down the line. Failures are inevitable. This is the time to pick yourself up and say to yourself that ‘I CAN DO IT, I did not start doing CA to leave it midway.’ Don’t let your time and energy go waste. Try harder the next time if you don’t succeed. Take guidance from people who have cleared the exams. It’s never bad or shameful to seek for help. It is always good to fail sometimes because then only will you learn to fight & succeed. Failure is nothing but the test of your character. Stronger you are, more the chances that you will succeed next time around. Always remember “Success is Never Ending, Failure is Never Final”. Conquer failure before it conquers you. Wish all the CA aspirants lots of luck & success for their future endeavors. God Bless!

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CA Priyank Singhi
(Practicing CA)
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