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Cloud Computing - The Future

CA Anurag Sharma , Last updated: 21 July 2021  

With the advent of technology, a new term has appeared. "Cloud Computing". You must have heard about Cloud Computing Accounting software like Host Books, Real Books or  Zoho Books. These kinds of accounting software are more economical but they require an internet connection. Let us understand what is "Cloud Computing".

What if I tell you that you don't have to maintain infrastructure and you can access or operate all your data from anywhere even through your mobiles by just logging in to a particular site? You can access all your data with just a click. This is what cloud computing does. Cloud Computing is basically the delivery of different services like data storage, networking, infrastructure through the internet.  

Cloud Computing - The Future

Types of Cloud Computing

a. Public Clouds: These are the computing services provided by the third party over the internet. These are offered to the general public via internet. The third party maintains all the infrastructure, software and hardware. You can access these services through web. It can be paid or free as decides by the service provider (Third Party). Microsoft Azure is an example of Public Cloud.

b. Private Clouds: Private Clouds is not shared with any other other organization. These are internal clouds where data or infrastructure is shared within the organization only. Other persons apart from the organization cant access the data. These are more secure than Public Clouds.

c. Hybrid Clouds: These have the feature of both public as well as private clouds. In hybrid Clouds Non critical services are provided by public clouds and critical services are provided by private clouds. The examples of Hybrid clouds include Amazon, Microsoft, NetApp. In hybrid clouds critical activities are more secured which are internal and managed by private clouds. However, the general information or activities can be accessed by users by logging in through public clouds.


Cloud computing Models

  1. Infrastructure as a service (IaaS):  In this infrastructure is managed by the service provider. It was earlier known as Hardware as a Service (HaaS).  Cloud Computing infrastructure like server, storage, networking is provided by the service provider.
  2. Software as a Service (SaaS):  In this model, service providers provide applications that run on the cloud infrastructure. Users can access the software using a web browser.
  3.  Platform as a Service (PaaS): This is basically for the programmers . It is actually a platform for creating a software  Programmers can create, run and manage the software.

Is Cloud Computing Safe?

Cloud Computing is the future of business as it reduces the cost to run and manage Information Technology. The data can be easily accessed by just logging in. Yes, there are security concerns especially in Public Clouds, however encryption can protect the data. But concern remains of the safety issues. Big Companies or service providers are trying to make cloud more secure.

Is cloud Computing the Future?

For sure, Cloud computing is the way ahead with all the technological innovations happening around.  Small businesses which cant spend much on IT Infrastructure are now looking towards cloud computing.

Do CAs have a role to play in Cloud Computing?

CAs can provide consultancy to clients in the area of Cloud Computing. They can provide consultancy in implementing and managing clouds. Right from helping clients to moving to clouds. Implementation and governance issues in cloud computing can also be managed by CAs.

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