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The 'Chakravyu' of Social Media: A potential obstacle in the CA journey

Shiksha SHUKLA , Last updated: 26 March 2024  

"While entering into CA course one must be very clear about the ultimate goal while pursuing this course nothing should be more lucrative than the prefix CA in front of their names". While it may seem indisputable to many, the question remains: are there paths more lucrative? For the dedicated, the answer may resound with a firm 'no,' yet for "The Distracted", the allure of alternative avenues beckons."

In Today's article, we will talk about "The Distracted".

1)  Who is the Distracted?

The first step into the 'Chakravyu' of enticing visuals and the hypnotic void of emptiness

Students who are still grappling with their motivations behind pursuing CA find themselves uncertain about committing their full efforts. Their energy becomes fragmented and dispersed among social media, overthinking, confusion, exhaustion, and frustration. Instead of channeling their energies into their studies wholeheartedly, they tend to adopt a problem-oriented mindset rather than a solution-oriented one.

The  Chakravyu  of Social Media: A potential obstacle in the CA journey

2) How is she/he Distracted?

Social media emerges as a significant culprit in this distraction. When faced with challenging concepts during study sessions, students often succumb to the temptation to seek temporary relief or distraction online

However, social media, while offering temporary relief, often entices the vulnerable into its web of uncertainty, akin to a "CHAKRAVYU," from which escape proves arduous for the distracted.

The second step is the fragmentation of cognitive capacity and attention span.

Social media's short and engaging videos grab students' attention, making them crave more quick content. This leaves them feeling confused when faced with the longer, text-heavy material of their textbooks. They start seeking shortcuts, like attending shorter classes or speeding up videos, to spend more time on social media. This rush leads to a lack of patience and understanding, 


This desire to reclaim time for social media feeds a culture of haste, eroding patience and depth of understanding - A second fracture in the student's mindset.

How can students break free from this mindset and reduce their constant urge to be on social media?


By redefining their goals and purpose, students can cultivate a strong inner motivation to minimize their time on social media. This doesn't necessarily mean deleting social media accounts; rather, it involves addressing the underlying urge that prompts them to open these apps. By identifying and challenging these impulses, students can regain control over their attention. They can do this by systematically presenting themselves with compelling reasons to resist the urge to check social media until they find one that resonates strongly enough to deter them.

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