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Fatness to Fitness


Do one thing. Compare pre marriage photograph of your father with your latest photograph. What is the difference? No doubt there are many differences but the major difference is tummy. Your Dad’s tummy was not separately shown in the photograph as in yours. Comparatively at your age, Papaji was slim than you. Why these two tummies are incomparable? What is the reason for this change?


The main reason is changed life style. How our life style differs from our ancestral life style?


In the present scenario machines plays an important part. Nobody live without machines. You want Motor cycle for travel, Computer for work, Mobile for Communication, Air Conditioner for prevent heat, Refrigerator for cooling water, Lift instead of climbing stairs etc. From a small need to big need we have to depend on machines. Survival without machines is impossible. There is no argument that machine make our life easy, comfortable and convenient. But side by side it gives us what? A fatty body and an enlarge tummy. Comforts given by machine make us lazy. In earlier ages people do more physical work. Most of the people use bicycles for travel in their town and walk in case of short distance. But that get replaced with Motorcycle. Unavailability of time and wide spread urbanization has made the use of bicycles at minimal level. According to survey in year 1978, 67% youths of Punjab state are physically fit to join military and after 22 years position is reversed. In 2010 only 33% of Punjab youths are physically fit to join military.


Heavy workloads on youth are also making their life style poor. In the era of Globalization everybody was running for a good job. There is cut throat competition and widespread change in technology that create huge burden on the mind. Today’s youth have time for everything but not for him. Due to excess tasks in offices they have to work for odd hours. In India generally offices start at 10AM in the morning and when it ends is still a mystery. Night time is the time when your body releases chemicals and juices for digestion of food. Emerging BPO’s, works in night time to collaborate with foreign country timings and late night sittings are become a part of essential office culture. Sorry to say that plays havoc with your digestion system and a main reason of enlarge tummies.


Basic Indian foods are Dal-roti and Chawal-bhaat. Westernization have changed our culture and give us food which is fast to cook and very tasty. Burgers, patties, Pizzas, Pastas etc. are very delicious. These all are commonly known as JUNK FOOD. These all are the gift of western culture to our country. But its ill effects cannot be ignored. These are delicious and uncontrollable to eat and their major nutritional ingredients are carbohydrates and saturated fats. In these days Heart diseases are increasing at alarm rate because of heavy consumption of Junk foods as these contains saturated fats which get stored and block the veins.


People have no time to exercise and take care of them. Their focus towards money and save their existing job. Increasing use of fertilizers and food adulteration is enough to make anybody sick. These lower the immunity of a person. And situation get more worsen when person only consume and put no efforts to digest. No exercise means give entry to unusual diseases.


Dependencies on machines, late night sittings, extra burden on mind, unusual consumption of junk food and moreover no time to exercise add fat and make the body home of diseases. Generally Chartered Accountants and CA students’ faces above discussed problems. Students have burden of studies along with responsibility of office. Long sitting in office and in home for exam preparation ads make body fattier. Students wake up early in the morning for classes and in day time they attend offices. Generally four hour classes, eight hour office and three hour traveling leave no time for them to take care of themselves.


Now let me share some most common and easy to follow tips for fitness. Tips require no extra time but only a little bit change in habits. Major problem is not lack of exercise but is change in habits. Increase comfort level is a common thing but how to make a balance with your fitness is an issue.




Let us start from eating habits. When you do audit of any client, he offers you variety of foods and drinks especially junk. And you keep on taking. The main purpose of client is to divert your focus from audit. This especially happens during bank audits because more NPA’s of a bank mean liquidity crunches. It benefits them because your diverted focus not makes you to find more queries. But it has a disadvantage for you, make you fatty.


For that I advice make a habit of say no. Avoid consuming junk foods. ‘No’ is a negative word but we had to be negative when question of our health arises.






I never understand when anyone is able to climb stairs than why he uses lifts. Lifts are for those people who cannot climb stairs and who are in hurry. Lifts are not for healthy people. Friends always use stairs (if you have time) and avoid lifts. This is a good step for good fitness.




In comparison of outside food home food is healthy and nutritious. However it is not delicious in comparison to outside food but in terms of health it is best. Generally in audits client provide lunch, sometime this is prepared in clients own mess/canteen or any outside branded / unbranded food. It’s difficult for anybody to reject client offering of lunch. It’s not a question of status but who want to lose free offerings. Chartered accountants mean money savers of client. When it come to own money saving which CA or CA students don’t want to grasp the opportunity. But that free food only and only costs your health. I strongly advise always bring your home made lunch cooked by your lovely muma with you even lunch is offered by client. No doubt nothing is more costly than health.


For those students who don’t live with their parents I advised always eat light and healthy food. Never go for branded always Eat Light and Jiyo Light.




Avoid junk foods. Avoid burger, patties, pastas, pasta, pastries etc. However I don’t advice complete avoidance but taking should be in acceptable limit. Don’t take Junk food as main course or when you feel hungry but take it only for taste. For fill the bowl anyone can take fruits, roasted chanas, salads like carrot, reddish etc. Moreover these are easily available with any hawker.


Stop taking cold drinks. These are major source of fat. Experts compare cold drinks with Toilet Cleaner. Tongue like cold drinks a lot. But if we talk about our tummies it says NO TO COLDDRINKS.


Two or three teas are enough in a single day. More than that is not good for health. Always drink double water after half hour of tea. It kills toxics of tea.


Drink 3 – 4 liters of waters daily. It improves digestion system.


Never mix up your professional and personal life. Never bring office to your home. Forget office tensions and work in home. Live a cool personal life. It makes your mind relax and cool.


LOL (laugh out louder).Smile is the solution of the conflicts. Always bring a smile on your face. Whenever talk with anybody give a little smile.


Chat online/offline with friends make mind relax. Friends are an important part of life. Life is incomplete without friends. Share your feelings and emotions with friends give mental stability. 




Above lines are only for fitness of body. Now talk about for mind. Our mind is CPU of our body. How to control the burden on mind? No any single day gone when mind have not to passes through vein bursting session.


The best way to fit our mind is MEDITATION.


What meditation does?


  • It focuses energy towards the right and positive direction.
  • It converts or ends the negative energy.
  • It improves concentration and enhances memory.
  • It improves decision making.
  • Major benefit of meditation is it works as modem which connects our intuitive intelligence to cosmic intelligence.
  • Meditation also acts as cooling agent. It cools mind by give direction to thoughts and feelings towards ultimate goal.


How to do meditation?


There are so many types and methods of meditation but here we discuss simple one.


Best way to do meditation is CHANTING OF GAYATRI MAHAMANTRA 108 TIMES. Chanting is to be done in normal voice. For do the chanting sit in cross leg position, start chanting and count on your fingers. No need to use beads. Our one hand has four fingers and each finger has three columns. It means total twelve columns in one hand. And for 108 times one hand is to be counted nine times.


It gives relief from frustration, Stress and tension. A feeling of relaxation is the output of a meditation. After doing meditation for a number of days people start giving feed back. They feel a change in you. However you may not feel the change.




Nothing is costlier than health. If you lose your health you lose everything. Overall: -






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DISCLAIMER: -Views expressed in the above article for give guidance to students and CAs for a good health. In current scenario nobody have time to do exercise. So maintaining himself is a biggest challenge. That’s why the focus of article is towards fitness through change in regular activities. However readers views may be different and don't require any arguments.


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