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Career of CA or a Carrier of Attempts……….

I am a student of C.A. Final (Old Course) and I take this as an opportunity to put forward some issues on behalf of all the unfortunate students who are struggling to be a part of a noble profession of Chartered Accountants. I have cleared Group I in May 2008 and struggling to get through Group II since then. The results are getting tougher and tougher day by day. Following issues need to be thought of:


1.      Many students may agree with this as they might have faced the same situation. I passed but failed in June 2009 attempt in Group II with a score of 195. We all know the condition of maintaining aggregate of 50%. I have been very patient and always positive in my approach. I thought rules are rules and those are same for all. However, as I saw more and more results out of curiosity, I realized it was not the case. MAFA paper was a bonus to those who appeared for and cleared Group I and even those who appeared for both groups and scored very good marks in the subject (Many students got the set off of more than 20-25 marks).


To my surprise, one student scored exactly 40 marks in one of the subjects of both the groups and the lucky chap was seen in the merit list.


Again, a student cleared both the groups. You know how?


His score in Group II was 168 and he got set off of 32 marks. Unbelievable!!!!!! Isn’t it? Whereas in spite of scoring 195 marks in Group II, I am still struggling…..


He scored maximum 42-43 marks, whereas I scored minimum 48 marks in each of the subjects of Group II, I am still struggling…..


Scoring less marks in a subject or two can be understood, but below average performance in all the subjects of Group II is set off by a single subject MAFA….


Can such performance be compared with those students who scored more than 190 in Group II and still failed??


Can the advantage of appearing for both the groups at a time by allowing a set off (without any restriction for marks to be set off) be given to those performing below average in one of the groups by sidelining those who appear for one of the groups but perform much better??


2.      I could not succeed in subsequent 2 attempts of November 2009 and May 2010 also. My marks are as follows:



June 2009

November 2009

May 2010






















Furthermore, I feel for the students like me to improve at least we should understand our weaknesses. When I score an average of 50 or more marks in two out of three attempts and fail once in the subject, do I really fail to satisfy average criteria??


3.      When the institute wishes to test our knowledge, is it not enough to ask the questions expecting the students to prove their logical understanding? Why are the students demoralized by asking 20 trials in a Simulation problem in November 2009 when they are always short of time for a paper like Costing?


4.      What about those students having family responsibilities, those belonging to small places and unable to afford to stay in cities for getting good education but still struggle to fulfill their dreams, also those who are having practical knowledge but do not have the authority to sign?


5.      It is said that we are better judge of ourselves. Then can we not make any kind of self assessment? Do we not know our strengths and weaknesses? We know quite well what we have studied and how we have performed? Variation of 4-5 marks could be understood, but not of 10-15 marks in a single subject (that too when student is declared as ‘FAIL’ even after scoring 199 marks and passing in all the subjects).


6.      Above all this is such a phase that staying back is more difficult than to continue and even if one wishes to continue one cannot cross the road……..


Don’t you think that above points need to be given a second thought??

Published by

Mrudula Dhopate
(Audit Assistant)
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