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CA Final, it is almost equivalent to a game-changer in a CA students life, after years of hard work this final stage decides where a student would land up in his near future. It isn't easy at all to manage everything which a CA student does while he is undergoing Articleship, from getting ready for the morning classes to office to again attending evening lectures and then coming back home and solving the same sums which he did in his classes, this routine goes on for approximately one and half year, but this isn't the end yet, what makes a difference is those four to five months before the exams, how a student prepares in those months. So, in this article, a strategy has been shared according to which a CA Final aspirant can make changes and follow as per their convenience.

Students have 2 months time in hand from now i.e. (April to June) because of COVID-19. This article has been written by taking an assumption that all the classes of a student have finished or a student has given a proper one time reading to all the subjects of CA Final.

Strategy For Students Giving Both Groups

Students should divide these 2 months into a block of 15 days. Each subject should be given a time of 7 to 8 days. For example, he/she should take up Financial Reporting for the first 8 days and then Law for the next 7 days, which makes him/her complete 2 subjects in a span of 15 days. Likewise, for the next 15 days he/she may take up Strategic Financial Management for the first 8 days and then Audit for the next 7 days, again in this way he/she can complete Group 1 in a month. If a student is confident in all four subjects of Group 1 he/she should assess himself/herself by taking up a mock test which would help them find their strengths and weaknesses. In this crucial time, don't pick any test series at random as it may waste your time and money. I strongly recommend PREPCA test series. Their ADAR report helps a lot to figure out your weakness and tips to overcome them. 

In the same way students can divide the first 8 days for Strategic Cost Management and the next 7 days for elective papers, which makes them complete 2 subjects from group 2 and in the next batch of 15 days, he/she can take up Direct Tax for the first 8 days and Indirect Tax (GST) for the next 7 days, So Group 2 in a span of 30 days. Again a student should assess himself/herself by solving a mock test paper.

CA final preparation strategy June/July 2020 - Golden opportunity to bounce back

Strategy for students opting for a Single Group

Students who are planning to give only a single group of CA Final have a good time in hand to clear in this attempt because the exams have been delayed by a month, so by preparing effectively it is very much possible for a student to clear in this attempt.


Students opting for group 1

Should concentrate more on theoretical subjects because there have been many cases in the past where a student had to suffer because of theoretical subjects, so there is enough time to sharpen up the theoretical subjects. Students should break the 2 months into a slot of 15 days, 4 subjects and 15 days for each subject. Students are advised to start with Strategic Financial Management for the first 15 days and along with Strategic Financial Management a student should devote 2-3 hours for a theory subject of his choice that will help in pacing up the preparation of the theory subject along with Strategic Financial Management.

Students should try to give a weekly test so that they can assess where they are lagging. For the next 15 days students are advised to take up the same theory subject that they started along with Strategic Financial Management, this would help a student in giving more and more revision. So, in a month a student would be done with 2 subjects of group 1 in the same manner a student can plan the remaining two subjects, but in this slot of 15 days students should take up Audit first rather than Financial Reporting because the first paper would be of Financial Reporting, so a student would be getting a good amount of time if he takes up Financial Reporting in the second slot of 15 days.


Students opting for group 2

Group 2 is having more weightage of practical subjects rather than theoretical subjects (Apart from Indirect Tax), so students should try to practice more and more for group 2. Students should again break the subjects into a slot of 15 days for each subject, students should take up any subject of their choice and test themselves after every slot of 15 days gets over by giving mock tests. For Elective subject students should try and solve the case studies available on institute's website and students should read more and more about their elective subjects from different sources and note down the points in a diary, so that during students don't panic in the end moments.

After the completion of 2 months students will be having additional 15 to 20 days because exams are starting in the third week of June, students should utilize their time very effectively in these 15 days, students are advised to solve as many past year papers, revision test papers and mock test papers they can, solving them will help build up confidence and mistakes in those paper will help a student to work on that particular area. As said earlier, I would recommend PREPCA test series. Their counselling helps a lot to solve even your personal doubts. Students should do this only for 10 days, because a proper revision and practice will be needed for the first paper that is Financial Reporting, so a student can save 9 days for that subject.

Lastly, CA Final is a very big thing, it takes a lot of courage and dedication to reach this stage and a bitter fact about CA Final is that only a mere 7 to 8 % of students clear this stage because of the toughness of this course and some of its norms. So, a student before starting his preparation for CA Final should always make a mindset that this is the first and last attempt for CA Final, in this mindset a student gives his 100 % because it's a human tendency when we know that we have hit the abyss and there is no way out other than reaching the top, we often try our best to reach the top and make a comeback. So Good luck for CA Finals, make this attempt count.


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