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Derivative losses or Mark to Market losses are known to be unreal or notional and hence the taxman hates giving deduction for them. The focus seems to be on distinguishing oneself from the acco

Posted in Income Tax  2 comments |   5475 Views

NET WORKING CAPITAL Networking of Capital: Reduction of Net working Capital requires understanding the networking of Capital. At the threshold we all are aware that Net working capital is the difference between Current asset and Current lia

Posted in Others  2 comments |   11389 Views

Business Loss set off under Sec.72: widened scope The judiciary does play a vital role in the economy by discerning the real intentions of the law. In this regard, the recent rulings with respect to carry forward and set off of losses in the tax law

Posted in Income Tax  2 comments |   18408 Views

The Revised Schedule VI which is to come with effect from 1.4.2011 is intended to mandate a presentation format which will facilitate showing what would have been accounted under the upcoming I

Posted in Accounts  12 comments |   23393 Views

IFRS- Impact on Country's GDP

  CA S.SAIRAM    02 April 2012 at 11:17

IFRS: Impact on the Countrys GDP IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) is not just a corporate subject but something which is of national interest. As the world turns into a Global village it is difficult for a co

Posted in Accounts  7 comments |   5779 Views

Taxation Issues Coupling with IND AS

  CA S.SAIRAM    08 October 2011 at 13:27

The CBDT is mounted with a herculean task of resolving the conflicts in tax law vis--vis the new born Ind AS which is set to hit the Indian economy with a flurry of technical standards. Challenges inh

Posted in Accounts |   2931 Views

OTC Forwards and Options In Practice Foreign Exchange Management involves a combination of hedging as well as profit making at the opportune time (subject to permission by regulator). Unless a country has pegged the domestic currency in te

Posted in Others  4 comments |   4623 Views

Getting Started With Ind-AS

  CA S.SAIRAM    11 April 2011 at 11:39

GETTING STARTED WITH IND-AS Most of us are now aware that the Ministry of Corporate Affairs has kick started the process of Globalization in accounting by notifying 35 new Accounting standards (titled Ind-AS) which are the current desi version of t

Posted in Accounts  3 comments |   6363 Views

RELEVANCES IN DECISION MAKING - RELEVANT COSTING Relevant costing is neither a cost flow assumption nor a method of costing a product. Better call it a method of costing various decisions or alternatives to compare and select the bes

Posted in Students  5 comments |   5497 Views

Managing People - Truly a Metaphysics

  CA S.SAIRAM    25 January 2011 at 10:44

Managing People - Truly a Metaphysics Uncertainty is inevitable throughout our life and managing it is the biggest challenge that we will get to encounter. One does not need a designation to boast of managing them. It is right there as an in

Posted in Career  4 comments |   2873 Views

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