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The Insight to Section 197 of The Companies Act 2013

  Pankaj Pendse    30 January 2015 at 10:43

The companies act 2013 provides for the managerial remuneration. According to section 197 of the companies act, the total managerial remuneration payable by a public company, to its directors, including managing director and whole time director and i

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Pure Economics: Re - Presenting Poverty

  Pankaj Pendse    09 August 2012 at 11:45

Few days ago I got stunned when I had a privilege to read a Latest (well it has published one year ago) book commenting on Poverty and the ways to end it. The Book is titled as POOR ECONOMICS: Rethinking Poverty and ways to end it, a

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India's Reform Path: 21 Years on

  Pankaj Pendse    30 July 2012 at 11:02

The one word cover story of the Worlds Most Reputed Magazine set a lot of hue and cry a few days ago! It was the biggest humiliation when the real architect of 91 economic reforms was accused of being Underachiever. All said and done!!! Even

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Board Meeting: Selective Practical Aspects

  Pankaj Pendse    11 June 2012 at 12:03

Board Meeting is a significant event in any company be it Private, Public, Listed or Unlisted. As we know the provisions relating to Board Meetings are dealt in section 285 to 289 of the companies act. Following are the distinct provis

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LLP: License to business

  Pankaj Pendse    11 June 2012 at 12:02

Having gone through the limitations of Both Corporate Form & Partnership Set ups, Limited Liability partnerships are emerging as a Independent Risk free & Profit oriented business form. Limited Liability Partnership is essentially a busine

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Integrated Accounting System : An overview

  Pankaj Pendse    11 June 2012 at 12:02

Integrated Accounting is a distinguished accounting system in which the accounts are integrated and only a single set of accounts are maintained. Essentially it avoids maintenance of Accounts under cost accounting & financial accounting. Thi

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Company Law Settlement Scheme 2011: First Comes First!!

  Pankaj Pendse    10 August 2011 at 12:53

Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide its latest General Circular No.59/2011 has introduced a Company Law Settlement Scheme 2011 ( hereinafter referred as CLSS 2011) to regularize the belated filings of the documents with the Ministry of Corporate Affa

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A Compliance Note: Loan to Directors (Section 295)

  Pankaj Pendse    04 July 2011 at 12:00

Section 295 of the Companies Act deals with the pros & cons while giving loan to directors. The section states that No public Company can without the prior approval of the Central Government give any loan to or g

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Mandatory Demat : An Overview

  Pankaj Pendse    28 June 2011 at 12:37

Ministry of Corporate Affairs vide its recent circular No 17/143/2011-CL.V dated 6.6.2011 is considering to issue Companies (Dematerialization of Certificates) Rules, 2011. The key highlights of the said regulation will be... 1.

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A Brief Note on Mandatory Annual filing in XBRL format

  Pankaj Pendse    21 June 2011 at 13:15

A Brief Note on Filing Annual Financial Statements in XBRL Format Background: Ministry of Corporate Affairs (MCA) vide its General Circular No 09/2011 has

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