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Digitization: A revolution in Indian Taxation

  Ayush Vats    17 April 2023 at 08:58

Digitization has sparked a revolution in the Indian Income Tax Department, providing a multitude of benefits to both taxpayers and the government. With the advent of digitization, the Income Tax Department has made significant progress in modernizing various tax-related processes.

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Understanding credit card debt and how to avoid it

  Ayush Vats    25 January 2023 at 09:49

Credit Card adoption has been rising in India in recent years primarily due to two factors. Firstly, the economy has grown, and consumers are spending more due ..

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Digital rupee: The next UPI?

  Ayush Vats    09 January 2023 at 08:55

The digital rupee, also known as the Digital Indian Rupee (DIR), has been a hot topic in the Indian financial sector for some time now. The idea behind the digital rupee is to create a digital version of the Indian currency that can be used for online transactions, just like the UPI.

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