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Fraud typically involves misrepresentation of facts, either by withholding critical information or providing false statements to another party for the specific purpose of gaining something. Although fraud comes in different forms, it can be categorized primarily into asset misappropriation, financial statement fraud, and corruption.

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Differentiating between an employee, a contractor and a consultant may not be decis

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Why choosing an LLP over a private limited company may be a better option for start-ups?When Sana started her farm-to-fork caf� about a year ago, she did

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Every business requires capital to grow. Capital is the fuel on which businesses run. One of the reasons for

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Tax Implications One Should Know Before Incorporating an LLPWe have previously blogged about why an LLP over a company may be a better option for start-ups cons..

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For any organisation, accurate computation of liability towards employee benefit is critical to ensure they are suf

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Start-ups furious on receiving angel tax notices�India will soon become the next start-up hub like Silicon Valley�, Ashima was excited to discuss th

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When Sana started her farm-to-fork caf� about a year ago, she did

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What should one know before issuing a GST compliant tax invoice?Almost a month ago, Rahul registered himself under GST. Since then, he had issued three tax invo..

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Under income tax law, freelancers are considered self-employed. Hence, income earned by freelancers is tax

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