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Let us start this article by understanding some basic terminologies; What is illegal money? By the term illegal money we can understand the money which has been obtained from doing illegal activities (proceeds of crim ) like Murder, Extortion, bribery, Drug trafficking, Kidnapping etc. The pro..

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Before coming on the main article, let’s understand why there is a need of invoking such provisions of section 194-IA under income tax act, 1961. There is a great need and importance of invoking such provisions in income tax so as to curb the circulation and flow of black money in India. Ma..

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In this article we will deal with the assessment of firms with one brief example, First question is What is a partnership firm? In entire income tax act,1961 partnership is not defined any where, therefore we can refer section 4 of Indian partnership act,1932 'Partnership is the relations..

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Search & Seizure action by the income tax department popularly referred to as 'RAID' involves through 'looking for' or 'seeking out' through an inspection of a building , office, place , vehicle. Basis or grounds for Search & Search and Seizure team after taking authorisation and ap..

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APPEALS AND REVISIONS UNDER INCOME TAX ACT, 1961 The Constitution of India guarantees the citizens of the country certain fundamental rights. Therefore , under any system of rule of law , the right to appeal for redressal of one’s grievances is generally in built. Under the Income Tax Ac..

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