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Nirav Modi and Mehul Choksi are household names now, but for all the wrong reasons. The issue of fraud in corporations, especially in the financial services sector has been a long standing one, much like a soda bottle ready to fizz out; the Modi-Choksi episode being the can opener. Amidst the overwh..

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There are thousands of small businesses which starts off in India every day but unfortunately, most of them forcefully close up their operations in a few months/years. I have tried to list 4 common reasons 'Why many of the small businesses have to shut down and how you can avoid them to be at a ..

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Import Export (IE) Code is a registration required for persons importing or exporting goods and services from India. IE Code is issued by the Directorate General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Ministry of Commerce and Industries, Government of India. Without IEC no person is allowed to export or import go..

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Get The First Impression Right

  CA Arun Tiwari    25 March 2019 at 10:57

You do not need to employ the services of an image consultant to tell you that the first impression of a brand is of supreme importance. You only get a few seconds to make that first impression that sets the tone for future interactions and ongoing relationship with your stakeholders. So how do you ..

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What is a Trademark? Trademark is a visual representation attached to goods for the purpose of indicating their origin and is recognized by law. It includes any word, name, symbol, configuration, device, Shape of goods, packaging, a combination of colors or any combination thereof which one ..

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Crowd Funding - A new way of connecting investor and startup. Technology intensive crowd funding platforms growing day by day to cater to the funding needs of startup businesses. Regulations and Legal compliances comes along with establishing a crowd funding platform. Read on to know more. Wh..

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What is Gratuity? Gratuity is defined as a sum of money that is paid to the employee over and above the decided salary at the time of his retirement. It is paid by the employer in gratitude for the services rendered by the employee in the company if he has worked at least 5 years for that company..

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Tax on Mutual Fund Returns in India

  Priya Kashyap    27 February 2019 at 11:34

What will be the tax on mutual fund returns in India? To understand the tax treatment of mutual fund returns, we have to first answer a simple question. In what forms, an investor can earn returns from mutual fund schemes? There can be two form of returns: Capital appreciation. Dividend i..

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Time Time Ki Baat Hai

  Prof. Bajaj    11 February 2019 at 13:28

Harish : I don't know where is my life going these days !! I am just running around all the time. Not getting time for myself or family. Niraj : Ohh…that's something serious. Take a deep breath and tell me what happened ? Harish : I get up in the morning , go through all the whatsapp di..

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To promote the ease of business among the members, the Professional Development Committee of ICAI has introduced a facility to the Members, who are having Full-time COP to register their Proprietorship Firm online within 24 Hours. This facility is not for registration of partnership firms. So reg..

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