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To promote the ease of business among the members, the Professional Development Committee of ICAI has introduced a facility to the Members, who are having Full-time COP to register their Proprietorship Firm online within 24 Hours. This facility is not for registration of partnership firms. So reg..

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Every decent sized organization deals with management reporting as CXOs and the board expect to receive regular updates on the organization's performance. Depending on the size of the organization, you could have one or more financial analysts toiling away in putting together the required corpor..

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Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), despite the important role played by them in the economic fabric of the country as they are the backbone of the Indian economy; continue to face constraints in obtaining adequate finance, particularly in terms of their ability to convert their trade recei..

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Hemant :My life is so messed up these days that even Google is not able to answer my question. Niraj :Why, what Happened Hemant? Hemant :Arre yaar, When I am confused about a question, I try asking it to Google, it gives so many answers, I get further confused. Niraj :Ok. May be you aren..

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While earlier the job of chartered accountants (CAs)was primarily restricted to taxation and audit today, due to complex business demands,ittoday extends to enterprise risk management, forensic accounting, fraud detection, forex and treasury management and much more.As a CA looking to bolster your p..

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In continuation to my previous article "Financial due diligence as a career", I would like to throw some light at the process of a Generic Buy Side Due Diligence. I observed that not too many resources were available online providing a proper explanation of the DD process. The following pr..

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A cryptocurrency is a virtual currency which acts as a medium of exchange. There were attempts in 90s to create digital currencies though for reasons like financial problems, trusted third party approach & frauds, these attempts were deterred. In the fateful year 2009, under some mysterious tag ..

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Introduction: The main intention of this Article is to share my practical knowledge with the IRP’s & Professionals who are rendering the Restructuring & Turnaround Services. As we know that IBC means, it is Paradigm Shift from the Existing ‘Debtor in Possession’ to a Cre..

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The concept of pension can be traced back to the era of American Revolution. In case the soldier outlived the war, the Continental Congress would recompense them by income for life. This practice was adopted in the Civil War & every war since. This however was not a novel phenomenon. Earlier in ..

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A payday loan is also called a payday advance, salary loan, short-term, or cash advance loan. It is a small amount of loan ranging from ten thousand to one lakh. The maximum tenor of loan is just 12 months. It’s an unsecured loan. Since last five years, many fintech companies have started p..

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