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Note: - This post/article is not for the intelligent and dedicated species (rare species) that were punctual with their study schedule even in the eve of World Cup. I salute you and request you to suggest me that how you managed to control yourself even in such an exciting environment.

 Team India conquered the world

2nd April 2011 has once again united the country and whole India is praising Dhoni’s Men (Men in Blue). Such was the impact of this world cup on our country that no big film was released in March and whole film industry was cheering Team IndiaNot everyday you will see Sonia Gandhi jumping with joy and celebrating on the roads of CP and ITO at 1 A.M. If people like Lata Mangeshkar (Didi), Aamir Khan and our PM Manmohan Singh can fall to this cricket fever then we CA students are no exception to it.

Same is the case of Rahul a PCC student whose 2nd group attempt is due this May. He just like 80% of CA students is a die hard fan of cricket and followed each and every match of this WC. Before 19th Feb he was in the full mood of exam and was going very well with his schedule. As the WC progressed his studies started suffering.

It doesn’t mean that he didn’t study at all but couldn’t perform according to his plans. Now he is feeling like his powers of concentration and memory are not strong enough for the study tasks which lie ahead.

 Some tips for students like Rahul who are suffering from lack of concentration and confidence:-

 (1)   Don’t take pressure :-

First of all don’t panic.

“Tension lene se pressure hi badhta hai aur ye dimaag hai pressure cooker nahi”- 3 Idiots

 You still have one month in your hand.

If you can do that before then nothing has changed and you can still do that. Just start with the favorite topic from your favorite subject to gain some momentum. For e.g. Leverage in FM or House Property in Taxation. As time goes on, you will find that these study periods will expand of their own accord. You will be developing your ability to engage with your chosen subject. Normally, your sense of interest and pleasure in studying will help this process. Once you strike up a rapport with your chosen subject, studying will seem easier and you are likely to forget about problems of concentration. Time will pass quickly and easily.

(2)   Divide your task :-

  • Your ability to concentrate will normally be proportional to your study experience.
  • You can’t mug up each and everything in one sitting mate!!
  • If you are just starting, split your study into short manageable periods. Each period should be punctuated by a short pause to give you time for rest and recovery. Have the self-discipline to start work again as soon as the pause is over. Don’t invent excuses for yourself.

 (3)  Work Smartly :-

Planning is a very important part of studies. Just introspect where you stand. Atleast be honest with yourself. You can’t do each and every thing in this one month. Take help of scanners (CA students ka Ram Band i.e. friend of difficult times) and mark out the important chapters. Smart work is important along with hard work. Just prepare a schedule according to your need and follow it strictly. Mark my words that no one on this earth can help you better then you yourself in this task.

  • You are the best judge of your strength and weakness.

 (4)   Prepare yourself for Hard work-

Well you have to compensate for the emotional Indo-Pak match or thrilling Eng V/s Ireland match. Now 5-6 hours study will not work for you anymore.

Don’t even think about IPL. Arrey club match hai aisa soccho.

Sometimes you will have to drive yourself. When things become difficult, don’t introduce pauses into your work as an excuse for giving up. These arduous periods should become fewer as you become more closely acquainted with your subject.

 (5)     Only studies no play makes Jack a dull boy!! –

If your concentration keeps wandering and you feel that your study is becoming unproductive – be prepared to stop. Don’t force yourself if you are tired or stressed. You are not likely to absorb your study materials properly in such conditions. This time would probably be better spent recovering and creating a healthy state of mind in which to start work afresh. Make a note of what you still need to cover, then switch to some other activity – possibly something more passive such as listening to soft songs. 

(6)      Revision is the key to success –

Good note-taking and revision skills will help you to grasp the essential of your subject. Some students regularly review their notes to make sure that they have a firm grasp of all the material studied on the course to date. In revising for examinations, some students carry round a condensed version of their notes and course topics written on index cards.

Some of the eminent members of CCI have shared some very good links for reversionary purpose.

I am pasting some of the links:-




So friends best of luck for you world cup and do well. And please take very good care of you health .


Pulkit Gupta

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CS LLB Pulkit Gupta
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