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Life is full of decisions, and we make a number of them every day. The decisions we make range from the trivial to crucial. What we decide will determine the kind of person we become later. Of all the precious and exquisite life proficiencies an ability to make wise decisions deserves the first rank. The capability to make a creditable decision is the fuel for personal and professional progression. Good decision-making is an indispensable life aptitude. No other skill has such a melodramatic influence and impact on our quality of life….!!

People often find it hard to make decisions. Inescapably we all have to make decisions all the time. Some people postpone making decisions by boundlessly searching for more information or getting other people to offer their commendations and approbations.  Regardless of the effort that is put into making a decision, it has to be comprehended or understood that some decisions will not be the best potential or possible preference.

Psychology researchers have studied how people make decisions and concluded that there are two basic styles. “Maximizers” like to take their time and weigh a wide range of options. “Satisfiers” would rather be fast than thorough. They prefer to quickly choose the option that fills the minimum criteria.

Most people do not know the authoritative and solid effects of making decisions. Every single decision we make in our days outlines our current reality. It shapes who we are as a person because we customarily follow through with the decisions we make without even grasping it. If we are unhappy with the results in our life right now, we have to put efforts to change our decisions immediately. This is the key to create the desired personality and the life we want to have in the future.

Guidance Notes

Irrespective of the way we have made decisions in the past, we can start making wise decisions now. All we need to do is think before decide. We have to consider consequences. Once we learn to evaluate or assess our decisions based on consequences, all the other considerations fall neatly into place. We have to make decisions based solely on the consequences or upshots and we will be amazed or flabbergasted at the way it revolutionizes our life. It is that Simple. Making great decisions may be tricky and intricate. There are many concealed traps, ambushes roadblocks and barricades we need to be aware. Here are some guidelines and strategies which help us to make powerful, laudable and praiseworthy decisions in life without regret.

Have a Life Vision

A life vision should be the foundation and reference point for every decision we make. We have to write down our vision and the values that describe it. We can use this vision as a guide.  If we deviate too far from the vision, it will cause ultimate agony and repentance. We have to appraise our options based on our foresight.

Phone a Friend

We have to vigilantly select two or three trusted friends whose verdicts and viewpoints we accept and respect. When making a decision it is a useful idea to discuss it with a good friend. He or she may be able to provide additional comprehensions. Since in most cases our friend will not be impacted or squeezed by our decision, it is easier for him or her to be objective, pragmatic and unbiased.

Establish Routines

We must create routines for some decisions so we will know in advance what to do. We should not diverge from this routine unless absolutely necessary. We should set up a menu at the beginning of the week to avoid having to decide each day.

Invoke a Higher Power

Bad decisions are made in stressful, chaotic situations. Good decisions are made in a place of peace. We should find a quiet place unaffected by the stress and turmoil. It is there, in a neutral place of peace, a good decision can be made. Our own innermost wisdom and intuition will often rise to our conscious mind when we calm the mental chaos of over-thinking our decision. We must imagine ourselves in all of the possible outcomes and pay attention to how we feel.

Go with your gut

Often times, we take too much time to make a decision because we are scared of what is going to happen. As a result of this, we go through things like careful planning, deep analysis, and pros and cons before deciding. This is a very time consuming process. Instead, we must trust our gut instinct. For the most part, our first instinct is usually the one that is correct or the one that we truly wanted to go with. Even if we end up making a mistake, going with our gut still makes us a more confident decision maker compared to someone who takes all day to decide.

Learn from past decisions

Past decisions should be indicators for future plans. We should ask ourselves, what was good about the decision made? What was bad about it? What can be realized from it so that better decision can be made next time? However, we should not put so much emphasis or prominence on short term effects. We must focus on the long term effects of our decisions.

Have fun making decisions

We should enjoy the process of decision-making. When we do it often it becomes a game of opportunity. We learn a lot about ourselves, we feel and become a lot more confident when we are with ourselves and around others.

Do not Forget to say NO

To make good decisions, there are times we need to just say “no.” This is hard for many of us to do, since we think we need to be all things to all people. The truth is, we do not have to give a reason for why we cannot help. Every time we say, “yes,” it deprives another person of an opportunity. When we decline, it gives them a chance to serve, to learn, to grow.

Do not ignore what is Right

Too often, we make decisions that are not right today, but we think they will be in the long run. Perhaps we twist the numbers just a bit or inflate the resume a little or step on someone on our way up, believing it will be worth it in the long run. That never works, not in the end. We should listen to that inner voice and trust that the rest will be taken care of.

Carry your decision out

When we make a decision, we must act on it. We should commit to making a real decision. It is when we decide on something, and that decision should be carried out through action. It is pointless to make a decision and have it played out in our head, but not doing anything about it. If we want to make real changes in life, we have to make it a habit to apply action with our decision until it is completed. By going through this so many times, we will feel more confident with accomplishing the next decision that we have in mind.

To cut a long story short, making wise decisions is a life skill. Decision making covers a wide territory. It encompasses everything from major decisions, such as accepting a marriage proposal, to the routine choices of everyday life. Our life is the expression of our decisions and indecisions. The quality of our life is a result of the quality of our decisions. There are millions of paths we take in a lifetime, all leading to different opportunities and potential outcomes. Uncertainty is part of the adventure life. Once we are on this new adventure, we must have confidence that we made the best decision with the information available, and should move forward with a spring in our step. Michelle Obama once said, “You can’t make decisions based on fear and the possibility of what might happen.” Peter Drucker rightly said, “Whenever you see a successful business, someone once a made a courageous decision.” By taking the steps outlined let us empower ourselves to make an informed and thoughtful decision, leaving little room for future regret.


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