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As, the time of exams approaches, the pressure starts to mount on students. My fellow members who are taking these exams must be feeling the heat too. There will be students who may have completed the whole syllabus or on the verge of completing the syllabus and there will also be those who will be feeling the heat as they may not have started preparing well till this time.

Dear friends, I just want to say that, its how you finish and perform on that particular day which counts.

You may not have prepared well so far, but its still a month to go, do your best now. Don't just read to finish the syllabus; learn it like, if that particular topic which you have read comes in the exam then you will be able to answer it correctly. And the most important point is that you should utilize this time in your preparations and not in worrying about the preparations.

For example, if you still have not started preparing for Direct Tax and you are panicking at this point of time.

Ask yourself, will this fear make you pass the exam? The time you are wasting by panicking can be utilized in preparing for the topic. Pick up the DT book and start with the topics that are most important like, Business and Profession, Capital Gains, Amendments, Case laws and TDS. Finish these topics as these will somehow give you a guarantee that you will have covered a substantial part of the subject when you sit in the exam. Crying is of no use; its all about trying now.

Don't give up. We all have seen people who got 40 in a subject and still cleared the exam. Stay motivated and that motivation should be internal; that motivation should be to clear the CA exams in this attempt. Those who become CA are not extraordinary. They were among you few months back.

Remain calm; don't think too far ahead. Be clear in your mind that what you are going to study and study it with full vigor. Utilize your time. Don't waste it in discussing with your friends about their preparation.

Your success depends on how you perform on the day of exam. All the best!!


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