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A piece of exotically coloured blue diamond is absolutely exquisite and extremely expensive as they are rare species. Every person of skill is a diamond, precious and are very limited. The rest are like autumn leaves, found everywhere.

Any skill in high magnitude is precious as a diamond, always pleased to be recognized and paid a premium. A professional may soon draw the attention in the business circles by his skill but his manners may give a disgust in the same circles which tide away from the popularity that earned quickly. Bearing a skill in an occupation alone doesn’t make a person unique always, it is also vital to surpass the professional standards set for such calling.

What makes us unique?

Every human being is distinct and only one of its kind in nature as well as in feature but only very few are called as unique personalities. Who are they? What qualities do they possess? What makes them unique?

One feature alone whether good or bad may be sufficient to make a person distinct from others. However, to refer a person unique, that person needs to possess certain right qualities and good features in combination such as education, communication skills, professional skills, well-being, elegance, manners, nobility, etiquette etc. These qualities are common to all but, vary from person to person in various magnitudes. 

Also, the character of a person is dependent on acquired features as well as innate dispositions and the demeanour is assessed by the outward delivery of emotions, articulations, and actions of that person. So the character of a person is not exclusively contingent upon lineage, as we usually believe it depends on lineage, it consists of acquired features as well.

The character of a person is a combination of presence or absence; or positive or negative of these distinguishing features. Such qualities can be perceived from outward behaviour i.e. from the demeanour of that person. The demeanour of a person at present may be inconsistent to that of previous one, as it always depends on many critical factors such as soundness of health, financial situation, family life, personal life etc. However, the influence of these factors on behaviour of a person can be reduced by practicing strict discipline in personal life.

It is rare to see the presence of all the best qualities in the highest degree in one single person. Such persons, whom they are, shall be regarded as the epitome of mankind. They are the exemplars and are the highest echelon of society. We shall architect ourselves a model by drawing the character from such ideal persons.

Though some of the qualities are acquired during our education, many of them are required to be improved during our social intercourse especially while we are interacting with such model personae.

Let whoever knows a skill practice it

‘Let whoever knows a skill practice it’. Read the phrase carefully. Let whoever ‘knows’ a skill practice it. That means you cannot ‘own’ or ‘possess’ a skill but you are just ‘aware’ of it. Such skill can be maintained or improved on constant practice only.

Focus on skill rather than experimental in every domain

Expertise in every field of the profession is a preposterous notion. You can’t master in every field of your profession. It is always wise and sensible to restrict yourself to a specific domain.

Gear up to tackle the darkness in case of new assignments

As the professionals are at the service of their clients, may face altogether a new situation for every assignment. The professionals in such a situation may take recourse to a team of experts within or outside of their professional firm to develop a model solution for each such assignment. While developing the model, factors such as man-days of different categories of the staff, the necessity of outside expert’s services including their cost, cost of new software, books, equipment, tools,  etc. with the total cost of the model to be estimated to prepare a quote to the client. In some cases new facilities, new staff etc. may be required. This method leads to professional accomplishment that is always fastened to uniqueness.

Know your personal phenomena to avoid quick uptakes inaccurately

If one’s education doesn’t serve to manifest the world in the way it ought to be, one’s personal phenomenon is said to be impaired. At least, it is right to view the world from the vantage point of one’s education or occupation. How we view the world is our personal philosophy and that depends on education, occupation and social milieu.

Our careers are blinded by the quick uptakes based on false understanding of the issues. Ignorance distempers the vision to view things rightly. Every professional shall resolve to unlearn such wrong traits of jumping at quick conclusions and shall kindle the light of wisdom to learn and perceive things rightly.

Finally, do not let yourself to cultivate any negative thoughts in your mind. The countenance of a person’s face is influenced by the thoughts stirring in that person’s mind.


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