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This happens to all somewhere, sometime, with or without someone, etc.

I learnt a lot after PCC results and one the most important thing to understand was no matter what unexpected changes you get into, life goes on. Either you have to adjust according to situations or you are out of the game. All plans goes to hell when it’s not your time. By the way what is meant by good time or it’s my time, etc.

When everything goes according to you as you planned, it is your time and reverse case is also possible. But had anyone gave a thought what goes good when everything seems wrong? Probably, rarely someone does.

What goes good is it makes us tough, it gives us courage, it makes us learn that time stops for nothing and no one in this world would stop working with or without some person.

Some benefits of such situations are:

1. You come to know that parents are everything.

2. You find your mother is the only unselfish girl.

3. You find your father is truest friend & motivator.

4. You filter your Facebook & Mobile Contact list.

5. You come to know that your limits to break mentally are far more than what you expected.

6. And many more.

Power of thoughts. Yes friends, situation doesn’t break, only your reaction and thoughts does. Good for some will definitely be bad for some other. Important thing is how and to what extent we react to it. We all know that “yeh waqt bhi gujar jayga”, then what’s the matter in getting tensed and ruining the present. Even in hard times there will definitely be something which you can enjoy and cheer up always.

Bad times are just some bunch of situations all occurring at once and all going to the way exactly opposite to what you expected. While if we believe that everything is prewritten and whatever will happen, will be for good only, we will find that bad times are actually good enough. Certainly not now, but definitely after some time;

To get an example you may look into your past, think of something you wanted die hard but couldn’t get. And compare the situation now, some may find it best, some may find better, but very rare people would find it worst and that also because we forget the saying “Give time some Time”. I usually say it like

“Jo hona hai wo hona hai, phir kis baat ka rona hai”.

I am 100% sure that you will be satisfied by what has been gone over time and realize that it is actually better for me.

The most disaster thing in everyone life is that we get all things but not the one we love most. The problem doesn’t start here, it hurts when such other thing is with some other person who is closely associated with us and who doesn’t care about its importance.

Some of you might be thinking that things are easy when said but hard when applied. I completely acknowledge this fact and even I have never ever overcome this situation. But one thing I always remember is keeping a long silly smile on my face.

Keep smiling. Many people, many quotations, you will find which keep on saying to always smile in whatever situation of life. But the important thing how many of us remember it in tough times and difficult circumstances. I have tried it recently and as opposed to my expectation it really works. A real smile from deep inside your heart when you are scolded at office, a long smile stretched all over your face too keep tension away from you. And don’t think it’s all foolish because it works, it really does. Try and know.

Everyone has some good times and some bad, but we forget to enjoy good time as we think that this has to happen, what’s new in it. And we always blame bad times saying that why it always happens with me. Isn’t it very selfish on your part?

Enjoy this also, enjoy true friends, enjoy realities of life, and enjoy the toughness in you. God never gives anything to a person which he/she can’t handle. He knows the true capability of yours. You are totally unaware how far you can go and some of these situations help you realize those hidden potential.


“Being Chartered” Campaign – It’s not tough, it is just different.

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CA Sourabh Agarwal
(Chartered Accountant)
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