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Students may surprise to read the title : AVERAGE STUDENTS ARE ACTUALLY NOT AVERAGE STUDENTS

After a research on the above; I have found that most of the students misbelieve that they are average students because their marks are average i.e. around 50-65%

If one looks carefully the marks they have scored; he will find that at least in one of the subjects they have scored much better than other subjects. 

Here I wish to say that a commerce student who has scored 60% marks in aggregate; then at least in one subject he has scored either 70 or 70 plus. Otherwise it would not happen in general.  

If a student can score 70 plus marks in any of the subjects; it means he is not among average students and he can improve a lot by developing interest in other subjects. 

To the surprise; average students are more successful in life easily than brilliant ones. Because they represent mass and can easily influence the mass. This way they get more success in short span of time. It builds confidence which again leads to continuous success. 

Brilliant students want to do something extraordinary and extraordinary things can be developed only after a reasonable time. Hence they find it difficult to get success in early stage. 

When "deemed" general students focus on their performance then gradually they become more aware about the job in their hand. Here they really concentrate on the job which they were not so during their studies. And this was the only reason that they scored average marks. 

It is a tough task to convert a student to 50% marks who scores 30% marks in aggregate. Because this type of student does not have interest in studies at all. Whereas average students can build interest in subjects which are covered in their syllabus.

Unfortunately TEACHERS and PROFESSORS are unable to develop interest in the studies of majority of students. Students are forced to read the books because they feel pressure in their mind that if not studied; no career is there. 

Stressful reading can never make a good career.  Better select one subject of your choice and make a career. How to select a particular career; first of all; know more about successful persons in that field. 

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