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Hello everyone!

Thanks for your comments on the edge-ca final dude!! There were two or three cmments which made me realize that some people misunderstood that time table to be applicable for the entire period of articleship, actually it was only about the preparation leaves!

So, i thought why not take up the long term perspective this time!!

When it comes to the overall preparation strategy, i guess preparations actually start on the very first day of your articleship because articleship itself has soooooo much to teach you! And then there are your eight subjects to teach you all the more!

In my first article i had said ca is not a carrier, its a lifestyle!!; dude being a ca is actually something out of this world, so, to be a part of that lifestyle you do not need to be the best, you need to be better than the best!!

Now, ye better than the best kya hai! Well! Its not about being the best scorer of class 12th or cpt or ipcc; to be better than the best you have to be ready to work real hard, real smart and yes be ready to bear the pressure of work and studies together! After all, if you want to be a part of that rear species called chartered accountants you need to prove your metal!!!

Chalo, mudde pe aate hain, see, its all a matter of hardwork in the right direction combined with good time management!

The strategy is really simple!

Your preparation has to start from day 1 itself! Frankly speaking i dont think there is too much need for coaching in any of the subjects of ca final, provided you are ready to start off a serious study routine from the very beginning. Even then, for law, audit, dt,idt and mics/isca you need no coaching, studying these subjects on a regular basis is the best way of preparing them, provided you pick up the right books for them!! (i used the following books for these subjects: law- munish bhandari and icai study mat; audit- icai study mat(dont go for any other book, arre yaar icai se achcha audit koi padha sakta hai kya); dt- vinod gupta sirs notes combined with v.k. Singhanias book; idt- v.s. Datey; mics/isca- icai study mat(believe me its self sufficient!))

Normal office timings are 10am to 5:30pm or say, 6pm(september ki baat nai ho rahi, tab to office hi ghar ban jata hai and ghar b office lagta hai!) So, that means we have around 2 hrs in the morning,i.e., 6am to 8am (ca banna hai to neend to chhodni padegi). This time is best for theory subjects, especially law and audit, so, i used to take law on t.t.s. And audit on m.w.f. And on sunday i used to sleep till 8am because that was my day!

Then you have to get ready for your office and next 7 to 8 hrs are for office, but mind it! Your study routine is moving on with your office work itself! You have so much to learn in your office, especially when it comes to taxation (dt as well as idt), audit and company law. Take your articleship seriously from the very beginning and believe me you will cover at least 80% of your syllabus in the course of your training itself! Your articleship teaches you practically, and learning anything practically is much easier and interesting too!

It will be almost 7 pm by the time you come back from office and relax. After that sit down with mics from 7 pm to 8:30 pm, take a break, have your dinner, and get back to studies by 9-9:15 and start off with dt/idt. Go to sleep at 11-11:30.

On sundays, revise what all you have done during the preceding week, and refresh yourself in whatever way you feel the best, spend time with family/friends,go to a movie, or for shopping, etc.

You can continue with this routine during the first year of your articleship, but once you have completed one year, start off with your coachings, its just the right time! (actually, i did not take up formal coachings as such because my principal, dr. Saurabh n. Gaur sir himself is the most renowned teacher of ca ipcc and finals in lucknow, and i was really lucky that he took out some time from his busy schedule to guide me through, but if you have no such guidance available, better go for coachings for accounts, cost and fm).

Now, once you start with coachings, not much time is there for self study, but ensure one thing that no matter how tired you are when you come home, at least have a look at whatever you have learnt in the coaching on that day, its very important because if you postpone it once, i assure you it will become a habit and the course pending on your part will mount up like anything and you wont understand what is being taught in the classes!

One more thing, when you have started with coachings, sunday becomes the most crucial day for you, because that is the only day when you can give full time to your studies, same applies for any other holiday that you get. You have to utilise this time to the fullest!

When you are through with your coachings, you again have the morning and evening slots for your self study and then there is, humara pyara sunday!!

I think all the cas will agree to one fact that a preparation leave of three to four months is just sufficient for a good preparation, provided you study regularly during your training period (preparation here means self study and revision, not coaching). In a period of three months you can easily do at least two to three revisions of your course!

There are some small points that can prove really fruitful:

Make sure you finish off all coachings before you go for that 3 months preparation leave(us time coaching start ki to coaching hi hogi, preparation nai!!)

Self study matters the most because ca finals demand expert level knowledge and that comes through your own efforts!

Always carry at least one theory book with yourself and utilise evry bit of time that you get during the day (in office if you get some free time, why not use it! And audit pe jate time to definitely lekar jao!!)

Listen to your teacher, because good guidance is always helpful (take my case for example, if saurabh sir had not been there, i would have never got a rank)

And most important, khush raho yaar, socho, pass hote hi ca kehlaoge!!!

Really!!! Just stay cool and happy, and ofcourse, dedicated!! Never think that, ca nai hua to kuch aur kar lenge, because, ca is not an option, its a lifestyle!!!


So, keep rocking, keep studying, keep learning, and just be

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CA Akanksha Gupta
(Assistant Director)
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