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Hello Friends,


Through this brief write-up I would like to share with you the importance of first attempt success in CA/CS or any other professional examination. According to me Negative Exam result/failure is not very serious problem and not the end of world. This is just a matter of one more attempt. Our very first aim should be to succeed in our first attempt and believe me after that no one can stop us to qualify CA/CS or any other professional examination as far as confidence to achieve professional success is concerned. According to me your first attempt success is directly connected with your inner self-confidence and strike on your ability to hit the target correctly in the very positive manner.


Let me tell you very honestly that I’m not going to give you any motivational dose or speech through this write up. All I’m trying is to have an openhanded interaction with you all because I’m also here to learn something from you all.  Through this write-up I would advise you all to adopt a bit strict, practical and balanced approach towards your professional examinations to succeed unconditionally.


I would also like to take this opportunity to wish all the PCC/IPCC and P.E.-II aspirants Best of Luck for the result which is just round the corner. Kindly refer the link below to motivate yourself before the result:




Please find below some of my general observations cum examination suggestions to register first attempt success:


1. As long as you delay the start of study for exam you will not gain any confidence. This is what we called is total wastage of time. So start the preparations as early as possible. When your start the preparation and get good result you and your body start feeling feel better and relaxed. Also decide whether to do self study or join coaching classes in the beginning itself.


2. Health is also very important in professional examinations. Consider your health as a subject. Remember if you fail to perform well in this subject you are going to fail. But as far as health is concerned I’d suggest you to chill with books. Books can be a good medicine or relaxation method like TV or sport. Believe me and try it……it’s all about programming of mind. Slight exploitation of your body during exam time is perfectly all right. I am exploiting my body from a very long time.


Take an example of Mr. Sachin Tandulakar as far as successful exploitation of body, mind and soul is concerned towards your passion. What else can you ask for?


3. Kindly appreciate/observe the below mentioned points:


i.) Work hard and focus on conceptual clarity. Discuss the concept with your friends to   ensure long time remembrance.

ii.) Don’t ask questions reflecting your low confidence or commitment towards study and believe in yourself and your parent.

iii.) Make your own way to the top and think from your mind.

iv.) Improve your interaction skills.

v.) Improve your writing and presentation skills

vi.) Always use or write sections and case laws to impress the examiner


4. Well this is the high time for us to understand the importance for sharing our own thoughts through this great platform of caclubindia. So start working on your drafting skills and help others by giving answers to other members’ queries. This will surely help you to improve your knowledge, drafting skills and confidence.                                           


Hope you got my point and believe me you we can easily do it. Please think about it….


Understand one thing/logic behind my thinking --- here you are not writing for exam purpose so you can express your positive thoughts or experience fully without interruption. So fully utilize caclubindia for this purpose and in bonus you’ll get appreciation from members.   


Believe me if you follow this advise it will surely help you in exam and your brain will react according to your need. Thoughts for writing will automatically come to your mind and you’ll be never short of words.


5. Another important point is to stay away from unnecessary pressure. Just one failure and start getting frustrated is not what CA is all about!!!


Have patience and work hard and figure out your mistakes. Do not think that you are weak in a particular subject. Just focus on each and every subject. Prepare special strategy and prepare special short revision type notes.                                                               


Just focus on your goal and strive for the same…


Here for your kind information I would like to submit that Caclubindia is full of exam oriented notes and exam oriented suggestions and tips. For some good notes fully explore Caclubindia forum and share file section. You may also use search facility of Caclubindia to locate the desired file.

6. First understand it’s better late than never. Initial 7 or 8 months are very crucial and enough for a good start to your exam preparation but you have to work very hard to achieve your goal. Here I would request to treat this initial time as real money so don’t dare to waste it.                                          


In the first round choose and work on certain most important topics which involve conceptual clarity. When you clear first round it will give you a great amount of confidence.


In the second round based your study on the Scanner questions. Finish your scanner as early as possible. Also refer previous exam suggested answer for presentation purpose. One more advice --- first focus on the subject which is not amongst your favorite subjects. 

7. Be ready to experiment with your study style. First focus on the subjects you are not comfortable with and finish scanner for this particular subject as early as possible. Fully use your previous experience.


If you have less time to prepare go for selective study based on your previous experience.


After finishing the subjects mentioned above give a little bit time to the subjects you are comfortable and confident with. Here you have to take some risk by not giving too much time to the subjects you are comfortable with. Just believe in yourself.


Quick Reading Approach: First give ICAI study material a quick glance to understand the depth and figure out the efforts and time required for final preparation. You would appreciate that through this quick reading you would be able to figure out where extra efforts are required in the concerned subject and plan accordingly. Our main purpose behind this quick study is observation and formation of a plan to deal with audit.


9. Along with study it is also essential to give some relaxation to your mind. Spend some quality time with your family and friends. Don’t consider this as waste of time coz you are preparing yourself for a huge battle. So just relax and chill out….                                                           


10. Last but certainly not the least Have faith in your abilities and efforts. Just believe in God and the blessings of your parents. Always be thankful for the efforts put in by your parents for your welfare. 


Sincerely believe that you may find the above submissions useful and practical to pursue during your exam preparation. If yes, then I urge you to not only preach the above suggestions but also follow and practice them. I am sure you’ll be able to leave your mark in the history. All the Best for every honest effort !!!


Hope after this write-up I can expect your comments. So I would request you to please share your priceless comments after reading this write-up. In the end my best wishes to you all for 360 degree success in your life.

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