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My Greetings to all the readers out there.

I am thankful to you all for lavishly appreciating my writing previously (Life Beyond Chartered Accountancy). It was truly encouraging and worked as a morale booster for me.

In this write up I have listed 3 Habits that must be inculcated in order to be successful.

1. Initiate:

We think of an idea, maybe that idea possess enough potential to bring a huge transformation in your lives. May be that idea is ridiculed by many, maybe that idea sounds childish. We never know the fate of its execution.

Many ideas travel through our mind every day but most of them are dragged to death in our minds only. This is the point which differentiates a successful people from unsuccessful ones.

Let your minds think of an idea, don’t just stop there, make a bold move, take just a single step to execute your figment of imaginations. Don’t fear the unknown, don’t fear your fate. Whatever will happen will have to be accepted, be it positive or negative. Be prepared for everything. Be prepared for the worst-case scenario,

Ki bure se bura kya ho sakta hai?
Ki Thoda paisa hi to jayega,
Thoda Time hi to lag 
Kuch chaar gaaliyan hi to milengi
Kuch toh log kahenge.
isse zyada kya hoga.

If you fear them then there is nothing to fear about. Go! Something special and transformational is awaiting you. Don’t make your life a life full of regrets, 'Ki bus thodi himmat kr leni thi or aaj hum bhi kaha hote'

To this I would say to all my readers 'Ki Sahab Kaash Ki Gunjaaish hi kyun rakhni hai, na to umar poori beeti hai na hi koi rok rha hai, kadam badhao, jo chahoge wo mil jayega'.

Why to keep the scope for 'If', you still have your life, you still have time, who is stopping you? Make a move and everything will be yours.

Don’t hesitate to initiate, be it any of your hobby or a business idea or you want to do something for free, JUST INITIATE.

2. Never Celebrate too Early:

Now you made a step, you did something others could not do easily, others could not even dare to think and do what you did.

But remember the world is full of people who don’t have the courage to initiate by themselves and most of such people are waiting and will love to see you fall.

Distancing yourself from such strata of the crowd is impossible, as in reality, only a handful of people are your true well-wishers.

So the best way to prevent falling prey to such incidents is to never celebrate your success too early.

A small reward is just an incident; you have always miles to go.

Make a celebration at that point from where your enemies find it extremely hard to pull you down because the point should be too high.

Also, celebrating too early make you less inclined towards your ultimate goal. You tend to develop a lenient attitude being smitten by small celebrations and little appreciation.

Keep moving unabated in the direction of your goals.

3. Always Remind Yourself that Success is an Internal process; Don't search for it Outside.

If you think, more likes on Facebook and showing off on Snapchats, Instagram etc writes your success story then you are probably under the wrong impression.

Success is not what others agree upon but it is utterly an internal state.

When you are satisfied that you have given your 100% to a particular project, when you achieve something that makes your own self-proud of you, when you don’t wait for the acknowledgement of your achievement by any X Y Z, when you know what you have done is correct, when you know what you have done will uplift you, improve you, grow you, will get you a level up, then You are actually successful.

Don’t crave for the fake and temporary appreciation from the outside world.
Do something that contents you, that gives you a ray of happiness.

When you write any random exam, you know within you about the level of your preparation, about how the exam went, no astrologer would be able to predict the exact results to the extent you yourself will be able to.

Success and Giving up, both processes are derived by the internal state of mind.

Maybe the world has given up on to you, maybe your family has no expectations from you but you have not fallen till the point you yourself have given up on to you.

Similarly, maybe the world around you praises your work but you have not achieved the success until you have satisfied yourself, until you have not pushed your own limits.


With this, I shall bring this write up to an end. All I have to advise all the readers is to:

Make your life worth Remembering by you and by others.

If you are searching for that one person that will change your life, take a look in the mirror. It's you who will have to initiate, manage your small victories, reach to the pinnacle of success. It's only 'You'

Hope the write up was influential. Your feedbacks are warmly welcomed.

The author can also be reached at


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