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We all are in a profession that command confidence and deliverance levelled by a certain level of conviction which requires emotional and physical balance. Every thought we have are molding our future.Not everyone are born with the kind of the needed strength and motivation.

So this is for my friends out there who are perhaps looking for that one jolt of elevation that I hope to instill in you in a big way.

Positivity is contagious. If you start helping your mind, your mind helps you to move forward and be happier at every step and the same works when you feed negativity into your life. Every day is not the same for any of us, We all have our bad days and good ones, so we really need to always think ahead and look forward and sometimes we just need a bit of pep talk to stick it out. So here are a few steps to just do that:

(1) Choose to practice positiveness

For people who are wondering how can this possibly work because not everyone can be continuously happy or positive.Well I have to break that bubble there for you.It is absolutely possible to be positive at all times!!The only thing you have to do is to think by the brighter side.Whenever we have a downfall,we always tend to think,”Why me?”.But this time,your going to think ,"Ok,so this happened.Now what have I learned from it and what should I do to move ahead?"

For example: A CA student who was convinced of his success in the exams happens to fail, he has two options:Cry and whine about how God/ the examiners/ICAI themselves are playing with his future and life is unfair blah blah or He could feel bad for it but then take it as an example to work towards the goal by doing a SWOT Analysis of his own preparation and revision and perform better next time.Now you tell what would help him better? Its indeed tough to think the latter way but let me tell you a secret now,there isn’t anyone who can help you except you yourself.Think about it.No matter how many friends or family you have,all they can do is support you or suggest you ways but no one really can pull you out of the trap till you help yourself.

(2) Avoid people with a negative attitude or those who discourage you in life

There are always people around everyone who tell you things to put you down at a crisis situation and sometimes even friends who are pessimists always let you down, so always stay away from these people because that’s really not the kinda people you want to be around right now and even if u still have a few people around you cant avoid,because lets face it we have a load of these kinda people,always remember, DO NOT GIVE YOUR REMOTE CONTROL TO OTHERS.The fact is people don’t really have time to think about you and what they tell you is what they tell you now.So switch your remote to a happy mode everytime your are effected by the negative aura of these people.

(3) List out things that you achieved or made you happy,even the little things matter

Take a paper and pen and jot down atleast 10 things that made you happy that you did and the things you achieved in life.Read them again and re-read them whenever you feel down and see the change in you.It immediately gives you a sudden gush of joy. 

(4) Meditation and exercise

Meditation and exercise is a very helpful way to keep yourself positively balanced in terms of physical,mental and spiritual well being.Meditate as soon as you get up from bed and a 15-20 mins exercise is a wonderful way to kick start your day. Your exercise could be anything you like cardio,yoga,a nice walk. It enhances your mood,working memory,reduces stress,fatigue and also helps in strengthening your immune response system.

(5) Read inspirational stories and articles

We hear a lot of stories about people who have come from various backgrounds who have made it big in life just by a change in attitude like Andrew Carnegie,Oprah Winfrey,Dhirubhai Ambani,Li Ka Shing etc.These iconic tycoons were not always the richest and successful.When you get time,I suggest you browse on their biographies.

(6) Sleep well

Its vital that each and everyone of us must have a proper sleep routine of 6-8 hours and always end a day with a positive thought.Everyday should be a new beginning,as everyday we get an opportunity to be reborn to a new day.Having adequate sleep and not too much sleep is important for mental well being.

 (6) Accept your past and Believe in yourself

We all go through some or the other kind of hardship sooner or later in life and it is sometimes hard for us to get up again with the same level of conviction we had the first time.But these hardships are only put in there to make us stronger and life must go on no matter what.Being able to accept yourself and love yourself is very important.

(7) Power of Visualisation

Believing in your dreams,in your achievements is very crucial and for that Visualisation is a proven method to just do that.Simply take a mental picture of what you want to be in your dream and manifest on it.

For example,if you see yourself being a CA rankholder, imagine the pic that you want to see on your merit card or on the papers,dress like that,take a print of the pic and stick it in a place where you would see all the time like your study or dresser.It might seem a bit crazy to a few of you out there but it actually helps in really building the confidence and it makes one believe that its going to happen. 

(8) Change your attitude

A negative mind will not save a sick person and the same way a negative attitude cannot change your life to the person you aspire to be.If we are able to accept ourself the way we are,half our problems would get solved,the problem is we are unable to accept our present state of mind and think with better presence of mind.Avoid using words like "I wish...,"I cant...,I dont...,etc.Replace these negatively charged words to "I will,I can,etc...So you get the picture?Be positive even in your thoughts.

(9) Keep a Happy journal/Diary

This is a great way to clarify your thoughts.Keep blogging all the things that was nice about a day for a week and see the change.Even when you have the worst days,still find something about the day that happened that made you really happy,even if it was for a second.It maybe the money you gave to a street beggar or the experiences that inspired you.This doesn’t mean you can’t write sad stuffs but I suggest you blog the stuff that made you angry or sad in a word doc on your lap/tablet but DO NOT SAVE IT.Because honestly its not going to help you in any way.You can let out your feelings out by writing the sad stuffs but I suggest you to not dwell on it.So always keep writing happy stuffs and inspirational thoughts.

(10) Law of Attraction 

This is one of the secrets of a happy life.Whatever you think and believe is what you get usually.What you have right now are because of your past creations and now what your thinking is what your going to get.Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen.So always think positive and im sure you will achieve it with constant perseverance and persistence but all with a positive attitude. 

I hope this article was helpful to u all.Please share your views and opinions here.

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