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As we all know, CA is a correspondence course where the Institute provides relevant course material to help you in preparing on your own to pass the exams.

But what are the usual Methods of Preparation for the exams?

Here, there are two ways of going about it,

  • Complete self-study
  • Self-study with the help of coaching classes.

The second method is the most common method which strikes a balance. External guidance helps the student to get more conceptual clarity and self-study solidifies the learning.

Now for coaching classes, you have two options:

  • Classroom Lectures (Face to face, Live or Recorded lectures)
  • Online video classes and

But before you choose which one to opt for (i.e How) let's understand 'why':

The most common mistake that students make is they start looking for classes first and then plan their studies. Instead, the better approach is to first plan your studies and then choose the classes to prepare for the subjects. Create a study plan, figure out what are your strengths and weaknesses and then plan to take classes accordingly so that you finish taking lectures as per the schedule to compete the syllabus of the subjects and revise the same.

Once you have a plan in place, you will have more clarity on how to choose the classes.

Now let�s talk about how CA Students can choose the classes:

As discussed earlier - Presently, there are two modes of classes,

  • Classroom-based: (Face to Face, Live or Recorded)
  • Video-based: (Online Streaming, Pendrive Lectures, Google Drive Download option)

Please understand that either of the options is not the replacement for each other. The objective of both is to help you prepare for the exams. While classroom classes force discipline, online classes bring flexibility and convenience. Both are a structured way to prepare for the exams with the help of a mentor.

So while choosing the online classes over classroom lectures these are the factors that you should keep in mind:

  1. Access To A Good Faculty In Your City: When you do not have a good faculty available for a particular subject in your locality or area you can go for e-learning mode where you can get video lectures from the best faculties of the country.

  2. Your Learning Behaviour: While one student may find a classroom environment with a fellow being important to study the other may prefer studying in silence where they can better concentrate.

  3. Comfort And Convenience: Online lectures can be accessed when you don't have to travel, CA final students can manage their Articleship and studies simultaneously, IPCC students you can stay at home and study without leaving their hometown in search of a good faculty.

  4. Cost and Time benefit Analysis: If you are concerned over the expensive studies then online would be a better option for you where you get national-level teachers at a very nominal cost. Also, you can plan it paper wise and you don't have to take all the subjects in one go.

  5. SWOT Analysis: You should also plan to take online lectures based on your strength and weakness and what are the benefits of studying online or negatives of studying in the classroom.

  6. Which Attempt Is It?
    Repeat Students who have already taken classroom classes and have got the basic clarity should opt for online lectures because of the flexibility in lectures selection and cost-benefit. Students who are planning and preparing for their first attempt can take online classes for the subject they feel they are strong and can take face to face for the subjects where they have to interact with other students to ideate and brainstorm, like practical subjects. Note: Nowadays there is not much difference in online and classroom lecture delivery and in online classes also students can easily ask queries via various means. Faculties are supportive and also motivate students in their videos. And there are many discussion forums for students where they can interact with other students to discuss their problems and doubts. My Suggestion: I suggest you should go for both classroom and online lectures if you are a first attempter and if you are a repeat student you should majorly go for online lectures.

How to choose video lectures or online classes out of various options:

A) Faculty:

Please check the faculty reviews, his teaching style, whether you connect with the faculty or not and also check how connected he is with students. Try to analyse his availability and his focus for and on his students through web.

B) Platform:

Always check from which platform you are getting the classes from. What services they are offering. Do they have constant counsellor support, does the platform care for students, are they focusing on structured learning or only selling the classes. The platform from which you take the e-learning classes becomes very important.

CAclubindia is one such platform which puts students interest and his learning over and above all the factors.

C) Faculties Style of Teaching:

Every teacher has a unique style of teaching and it is important that the students resonate with the teaching style. Only then will he be able to understand the concepts clearly.

At CAclubindia Online Learning there are best-selected faculties from different parts of the country you can choose from.

D) Product offering Details (Video plus e-books plus Q&A):

Always ask the platform what you will be getting apart from the videos to study. Like, e-books or physical material, test papers, Q&A facility, how much syllabus is covered, amendments and updates, RTPs,

CAclubindia not only takes care of the students overall learning by providing them with the ecosystem where they can interact with other students, download free files, read best articles from teachers, read stuff for self-motivation and more. But also provides regular amendments and updates with a plethora of knowledge sharing services.


A strategic mix between online lectures and classroom classes helps the student to create the right balance. It is important that students choose online classes strategically and choose a reliable platform.

Finally, below are the lists of the best faculties available on CAclubindia for CA Final and IPCC:

A) CA Final New Syllabus:

Corporate and Economic Laws: CA Arpita Tulsyan
SFM: Rahul Malkan Sir
Direct Tax: CA Arvind Tuli
Indirect taxation: CA Vinesh R Salva
SCMPE: Prof. Dhani Khandelwal
Advanced Auditing and Professional Ethics: CA Ravi Taori
International Taxation: CA Arinjay Kumar Jain
Economic Laws (Electives): CA Arpita Tulsian
Global Financial Reporting: CA Sumit Sarda

B) CA IPCC / CA INTER New Syllabus:

Cost and Management Accounting: CA Anuj Jalota
Accounting: CA Vinesh R Salva
Advance Accounting: CA Nitin Goel
Auditing and Assurance: CA Ravi Taori
Taxation: CA Arvind Tuli
Corporate and Other Laws: CA Sudhir Sachdeva
EISSM: CA Sagar Jain


Published by

Prerna Saraogi
(Assistant Editor- CAclubindia)
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