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Few days back I went to see a movie titled "Beauty and the Beast" but somehow ended watching movie "TRAPPED".

It was just after I came out watching the movie that I decided that I am going to write this.

In life all of us are TRAPPED in one thing or the other. Someone is struggling with studies, some with career, and others with issues pertaining to health or may be family etc. But all of us are struggling in one way or the other and feel trapped.

Although it is also true that for us the grass is always greener on the other side but the reality is they too are trapped. Maybe in different situations, with the problem which is different and who knows more difficult too.

The Film Trapped was about a man who got TRAPPED in a house with no electricity, water, food for days altogether with no one who could listen to him to help him get out. The story had a great lesson to share a lesson that I learned. A big lesson. The Truth and the biggest Reality.

While that Man was trapped in a room with nothing at all, he cherished the time he used to have Pav Bhaji on the Roadside. He cherished the crowd that he cursed while he travelled on the train every day. He cherished every small thing that all of us ignore and want to change.

Maybe this touched me more for at least I realize that there does come a time in my life when I tend to ignore all that I have and run after what I don't. And in between fail to cherish all those beautiful moments, time, blessings that I am graced with.

I think this happens to most of us.

  • When we are in school we just can't wait to be in college to enjoy our part of freedom.
  • When we are in college then we run after jobs.
  • When we have jobs we run for higher packages.
  • When we have great packages we are still dissatisfied.
  • When we are Single, we want to get married.
  • When we are married, we miss old times.

When we are with our parents we ignore them, and when we are away we miss them like our existence is in question.

And that Dissatisfaction Continues

And then what we lose is that invaluable time that would never come back. Those times that could have been used to have immortal memories. That could have given you strength and lessons to fight odds of life. Those moments that could have been used to laugh and bring a smile on others face. The time that could have been utilized in a much better way.

And you know when will you realize it?

When you will lose it. When you lose those people who made a difference in your life but were taken for granted, those things that helped you survive but not cherished.

I think struggle never takes anything from you. Rather it gives you, "An EXPERIENCE" that even you do not know where would be used.

We are blessed. Things will take their own time. They can't be pulled by our Anxiety to make it happen and in between all those anxious moments where we feel trapped all that we lose is what we live for, LIFE itself.

Therefore, Stay happy and find joy in every little thing of life.


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Nishtha Malhotra
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