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Vidhyashankar's Heart Speaks!

Page no : 4

Vidhyashankar (CA) (1292 Points)
Replied 18 June 2009

Originally posted by :Elance_Donfray
" Hey,
You're age? 50? or 60? Lolzz!! I can't imagine people studying as hell as this and then working for people with less or no qualification.
You're great man, you're simply cool I agree but I BET there is just no point in studying this much if you CANT achieve something GREATER than what you're doing now. POSTING ON THIS FORUM is going to motivate everyone but EVERY SINGE guy who reads your story is going to be awe-inspired and THAT'S ALL. Everyone will settle for a modest education and START LIVING LIFE.
Maybe you should do that too and not brag about your degree. Really!!! No one is bothered about your qualifications, they ask it just for fun - JUST FOR COMPLIMENT.
One more tip: If you're writing about your story on how you got so much qualifications, please make sure you put in point by point. I got bored after reading the 4th line, whew! Lear to write tight (salespage?) passage.


Below is not a tightly framed posting cos' Im no salesman to give a salespage.

Hmm, sounds like a sane advice.But you have stirred my creative juices.Im in a party here on sofa and let me see how best I scribe....I see two beautiful girls there talking to each other, so that I guess, pepped up my heart more than your PM.


Scene 1 Act 2 Take 3!

Following was heard by an andriod while "Vidhyashankar" ranted thus:"Look at my fellow Indians how they behave!"

Vidhyashankar Uvacha(like how they say in sanskrit texts), heard by the Android from UFO:

Maybe I can follow and leave this forum even before my intended date of divestment-Whatyasay?

Why waste my time, when I have a cool job in an Investment Bank back in USA and "work" for those who are less qualified than me.Yeah what you say makes for absolute logical sense despite the imminent fact that I wante to chip in some help to students for a few days during my vacation for a course which taught me life, whatever be my qualifications.You are right, I appreciate this fact.Whatever salary that Im getting by the hour as a consultant   working in one of the top 5 Investment banks is not enough for poor me to make my ends meet and also that charity ot service during my vacation is also a sin, I should try for a few more dollars fruitfully.

You are also not committing any sweeping generalization when you say, every single guy in this forum is going to just read my gas-bags(after all what he says can't be true, can it? He too is a rat in a sinking ship like us, why bother?) get pepped up! You are right, when you say that they would lead mediocre lives after being inspired, the inspiration would wash away like the colour of linen when washed a couple of times, Yeah true.And yes, during my time in late ninties there were not beautiful forums like this for me and Vidhyashankar and we had no where to narrate our woes with auditors or discuss our problems except with some impotent friends who could not even say good words.Thats right! I must be a cunning man to leave this forum and better concentrate on earning more and more money.

Maybe I was fool to get inspired from even Beggars in Chennai with whom I used to sit and have a cup of chai(to this day) and try to help them and yet I see some defiance in them for the dole from my hands for one said, "You are my friend, I wont beg before you.Come I will buy you some coffee."(That was the best coffee I had though I drink the best coffes from Starbucks,TimHortons and Secondcup back in my place).Yeah, maybe Im terribly wrong.

You are most honest and absolutely not envious and have not picked up from what Tejas said, and have used your originality to the hilt,when you say I should not 'brag' about my degrees, which were hard earned and yet I have no absolute right to put anything in the fields which asked for my qualifications while registering my id here with this course and restrain myself to either a CPT,PCC,Final or  CA/CWA/CS(Members).Hey you have a point their, afterall "Vidhyashankar" was just an Intermediate student(eternally) and only his nut-friend Chiklu has those qualifications,so yeah you are logically correct and have committed a great cyber fraud and a unpardonable sin.And maybe, I can add, I should behave like a snob and not hobnob with students and only talk the high-talk about some amendment or circular in the member's forum taking cut-paste-copy from some site or from a book next to my laptop and then yeah you would appreciate this CA! Yeah, you are right even given the fact that I stay in USA and am into a different scenario and have no business with the Insitute much by way of legalities except some connection which I purposely maintain.You are right my friend.

You are particularly right when you say that people just see the degrees in a forum where they visit many times(Im talking of young students from CPT and other tracks) and just pay a "compliment"(sic) to me and go their way totally uninspired, despite the many many thankyou PMs from students who wanted to drop the next attempt and have foudn new confidence and PMed me and cry their gratitude, I can literally feel the tears in their heart.Yeah, you are right, why do these student lesser qualified buggers need my higher qualifications? I should seek another platform elsewhere in USA, among the whites, where too I would be respected than these vermins.Yeah, you are right.Perfectly right!

You right when you finally say as a "tip" for me that I should scribe my story point by point so that your curiosity would be satiated as to how I got these "complimentary degrees" and maybe find clues to emulate them better than you co-peers(who are ordinary mortals afterall who lead mediocre lives as you suggest after reading my emotional rants and get tmporary inspiration).You right in this display of intelligence and worldly wisdom,afterall every man unto himself in this big bad world, who cares for brothers or sisters or parents....blah blah blah....Yeah, Man, you are right! 

You are verily right, that I should emphasize more on the degrees and their attainment than the story and the emotions behind it, for the logical flow of the degrees would tremendously inspire the students and not my emotional rhetoric(or filmy masala as suggested by Bhumika) which they anyways are going to forget and go away as you suggest.Thats right and you are not curious too how I got the degrees and how bored you were after 4 lines of reading my sopoforic text(I wonder how you are going to read study material in your IPCC 'whatever', I use 'whatever' only for you because it is afterall a lower course than mine,am I doing anything wrong here pray tell me?).Thats right, man I missed these points and missed the bus.Booooohooooo!



Scene 2 Take 3 Act 4

The andriod from space says sadly, "we thought that earthlings were nice people and that only we were advanced and logical and yet we have no god in a real sense.It is on earth that we look to , to see human values Vidhyashankar, but looks like we have to go packing our bags to Andromeda QWEJX1 planet from which we come, its better there, atleast there are no CA exams there!"

End of show!


Below is not a scene or take a-la-films(Bhumikaji!):

I have itemized for your sake since you seek pointwise clarity

1. I care squat whether anyone appreciates my degrees or not.

2. I did those for my sake and not for some applause from others.

3. Those degrees there showcase precisely to students who want to aspire the sky and get it too---Yes, its possible--say those degrees.

4. Wisdom can be seen even ina 5 year old kid and one need not be 60 years to pout forth wisdom, mostly at that age you only get more of negativity and curse and rail the world more than any real wisdom, with due respect to all elders.

5. My coming here and sharing some views in my free time is just not for time-pass but for a purpose and every day I see grateful PMs and even one student who was contemplating suicide, who changed "his/her"(for privacy reasons I do not mention the s*x) decision due to my posts.Hey man, my words have saved one life and it is better than the Lambhorgini that I drive back home.The paint of the sports car will peel off but his/her tears for my words which saved his/her life will never dry up.

6. There is something called humanity, which surpasses all degrees,all wisdom,all the classifications and classes which this world may proffer.

And this 50/60 year old man (man, dont go out saying this, Im quite handsome and halfparsees and half keralites are handsome too(one example I can tell regarding looks is John Abraham who is a halfparsee and half keralite like me,aint he cool? or any complaints with him too like with me?) and no girl will come to me.As it is I lost lot of time in that field! Haha! I intend to search for a girl finally this year after hearing your advices! Yeah man me go for it! Girls everywhere beware, this 60 year old tottering man is exhausted studying all these degrees and earning money, I bought an island in Bahamas, come and enjoy with me good life!)

But yeah, more than Bahamas, this 60 year old man prefers to drink a cup of coffee with the street beggar who treats me with his absolutely darkened skin and impoverished body like his own brother.

Yeah logically, you are right.But what about humanity? I gotta think hard....

God Bless and May you surge to new heights.

Screw what I said and be happy!

Vidhyashankar (CA) (1292 Points)
Replied 18 June 2009

Originally posted by :Ankit Jain
" u r a success in CA club...
anyway atleast i have got my answer...and am satisfied...
i again hank u4 no matter wat u r but u inspire us...
u have ur own ideology....and is difficult to defeat u in words...U could b a lawyer,Debater or an orrator...


I prefer to be a humanist,helper and a good friend...thankyou...

Vinaya (article) (22 Points)
Replied 18 June 2009


its true that u r exceptional... hats off to your achievements...!!!!!!!

u r an not interested in debating whether your statements were true or wrong..just becoz these are gud enough to make one motivated..and even to think hey....its possible..!!!!  Some one like me has done so much against all why not me with so many good things still lying around caring mom, loving friends, ok type bossess(thats better compare to bitterly scolding bosses..rite)...

Thank u... may not message u after this simply bcoz exam is nearing with highest speed...(really bozss!!)

let me get back to u once i give a best shot to it.. take care. Bye

pankaj (Advisor) (67 Points)
Replied 18 June 2009

 hey really nice of you to share this piece it has great power in it

i have a question  the fact that u were workin at the time of studying and the fact that u quoted that one But then the pleasure of earning one's money howsoever small is unmatched.

how does one cope wit this and the fact that u r  earning good in wat u doin and its costing u ur  studies

Vidhyashankar (CA) (1292 Points)
Replied 18 June 2009

Originally posted by :pankaj
"  hey really nice of you to share this piece it has great power in it
i have a question  the fact that u were workin at the time of studying and the fact that u quoted that one But then the pleasure of earning one's money howsoever small is unmatched.
how does one cope wit this and the fact that u r  earning good in wat u doin and its costing u ur  studies


When even a small earning gives you a good feeling, wont a bigger renumeration be more satisfying?

In what manner has it costed my studies? It all lies in preperation and planning and most importantly not wasting one's time.Choosing one's auditor becomes very essential in all this.I learnt this the hard way.Also, the courses which I did after CA except for MBA needed no fulltime attendance.CPA,CFP,PMP,etc all can be prepared at home after work and then the exams can be given easily.Once you start doing what you know, you will know what to do.Once you get a hang of things, everything flows smoothly.After this Phd which Im soon finishing, I have submitted my dissertation and waiting, I would call it a day as far as getting qualifications is concerned, maybe a Six Sigma with my company or some quality course which the company sponsors but nothing more from my side.However, I would be a lifelong student.

Also, am planning to get married this year so that would mean more committiment from my side to my partner and spending my time with her, so exams then would be a hindrance.



you are too talkative


1 Like

Vidhyashankar (CA) (1292 Points)
Replied 18 June 2009

Originally posted by :prateek
" you are too talkative


Thankyou School teacher! I will keep my finger on my lips and won't talk School Teacher.If you cannot digest truth or my way of handling comments and are toungue-tied,School Teacher,please find some other naughty boy to chastise school teacher as Vidhyashankar is a veyr naughty boy who won't listen School Teacher, to anyone's taunts and would still speak his mind,School Teacher.

School Teacher, may I know your contributions in this forum and how helpful you have been School Teacher, it will help erring truants like me, School Teacher!

karan (student) (97 Points)
Replied 19 June 2009

hi i think ur story is almost similar to me me my self chandan  mba (iim kolkata),ca ,cs.,cfa, :)

Vidhyashankar (CA) (1292 Points)
Replied 19 June 2009

Thats cool must inspire these students in this forum....then...why have you put "student" below your name then? are you still studying in IIM? ;)

Deepak.G (Professional) (196 Points)
Replied 19 June 2009

 U are jus great men... Bravo...

Rudresh.B.M (Article Assistant) (38 Points)
Replied 19 June 2009

Hi Vidya Shankar,

Hats of to you ,If you dont mind can i know your age please?

Prateek (CA FINAL) (363 Points)
Replied 19 June 2009

hi freind hand soft to you...........

karan (student) (97 Points)
Replied 19 June 2009

yeah i have completed ca cs and in 3rd sem in iim and cfa is going on

karan (student) (97 Points)
Replied 19 June 2009

but i dont think this is big achievement lots of things still to learn :)

CA Trinath Galla (student) (3130 Points)
Replied 19 June 2009

Originally posted by :Vidhyashankar
" Ok Kamal,
I do find a smack of envy here in your statements.
And since you have nothing better to poke at you are critically dissecting my statements and when I personally attack yo, it leaves a distaste in the mind of the readers and thus I use those generalizations purposely.If I said you are telling me this because you are envious and that other people are praising me or that it did not happen in your life....what will that portray me as? ---"someone whose education has got to his head"(as you put it).Everyone has ego and one who denies this is a damn liar.You reply back because a part of your ego fights me, I retort back because a part of my ego fights you.However, envy and jealousy when put into constructive use would benefit both of us is my take.
I would definitely have the humility to say sorry to you and for mentioning the word "Indians" in a generalized sense depsite being an Indian myself(though meant in good jest and for a lofty purpose of creating an inner awareness) but would you have the guts to be humble? is my question.Humility too needs guts, my dear friend.If I have said anything to hurt you, Im terribly sorry.It isjust that the general attitude is not one of a healthy one, else our nation would have become a super-power by now!(the proof of the pudding)
Now, coming to the issue of credibility of the story:
Ok here is one incident in my friend Malolan's life:
He was travelling from Thirupathy to Chennai by bus and he got caught up in a station.He went to a toilet and the door got jammed and he could not come out depsite yelping for help.Finally someone noticed it and opened the door.My friend came out fatigued but the bus had already departed without him.
Next day morning, in the news papers comes the news that the bus in which he was to travel caught fire and all the passengers in it were dead.
The night before that incident my friend had a dream in which he saw a bus burning.He was an ardent vaishnavite sporting a nama and thus prayed Lord Balaji in the Thirupathy hotel to avert any accident in the bus and safely transport him to Chennai.
Lord Balaji averted the accident in His own fashion.Maybe the prayers were answered.
Chill beads of sweat adorned Malolan as he read the news from the pages and He went to the nearest Balaji photo and cried his gratitude.
Now, how does the above narrative sound.Something like taken from a film scripttt or from a novel.Because it was beautifully edited,scripttted by me(atleast in a mini-fashion).
Now, this person stammers a lot and thus would say, "I I I I ...Escaped a bus accident" and then maybe you would believe him because he is not expressive and he has not galmourized or marketed his miraculous incident in life.
Now, if I degalmourize my above story, it would become believable: Lets start it:
1. I was treated badly by my auditor(Yeah, whose auditor does not treat 'badly' thats childish, tell me something new Man!)
2. I had bad friends and one guy you know tried to hit me with a cricket bat Ouch!!!!(there I go with my kindergarten narration)
3. I worked as Pizza boy(We see many  students who work like this in metro cities for an extra buck)
4. In USA I was treated 'badly' due to racism and I hit back a slap(Yeah tell me something new, dont you read newspapers about Australian attacks?)
5. I lost my friend, I lost my mother,I had an accident while trying to dive for swimming, My father took me to kerala temple,I had dogs as pets, I had a one-sided love affair which failed,Im treated badly in my office in USA.
Now, tell me if I just say these 5 statements plainly seperately then maybe there is a better chance of believablity.But my age is 29 and all these experiences can happen to me and to anyone and maybe even more romantic than this.Just that the power to express whats in the heart does not lie with all.Indians(again at the risk of generalization) have different vernacular languages as their mother toungue and think in that and then translate it into english(unless one was brought up in USA or UK), also their skills are poor(statistically speaking) forEnglish.This is no way means they are unintelligent or below grade.So, this makes for a narrative with a quality of english higher seem impossible or something from the sky especially when narrated by another co-Indian.
Also, my juxtaposing unconnected incidents which happened over a big span of time creates a surreal effect in the  intelligent reader(like you) to not believe in the credibility of the story.
I really do not care whether you believe it or not and this lengthy tirade or discussion is only to ensure that students who read this are inspired and they take their burdens lightly and forge ahead in their lives.
No where is my intention to hurt you.I would never ever, repeat never ever dream of hurting anyone in any manner,unless it is for their own good.Your quest for truth is remarkbale and your boldness too! I appreciate that and donot want to steal your thunder of retort or the brilliance of your arguments in any manner.




sir, can u allow me to send u a pm???

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