Utilization of time when waiting for results

Vikash Maheshwari (learner) (6358 Points)

16 December 2010  

Exams hv been long over & most of us are anxiously  waitin 4 d results ,whether its final ,pcc or ipcc.Some r confident on clearing ,some r expecting a miracle.Many articles hv been posted in dis forum discussing exam result,ICAI’s brutality,analysis,it’s nt new.It’s a saga of may-nov-may.When results will b declared ,i m sure 100’s of discussions will take place,but thats later.My objective is to discuss few if not many options to utilize dis tym effectively.

First on my list is to get into share mkt/trading.It’s a pity that most ppl think of it as a place of gamble & hv a pre-conceived notion tht one would jst loose money here.There r only abt 1.5 cr dmat a/cs in a country of more than a billion.We r more inclined to social networking sites like facebook,orkut,twitter rather than making money.And it has become an addiction to most of us,we have to log onto fb,twitter,orkut or evn cci ,1st thing in d morning.

We,students of CA,being in d finance field must show some interest in d economy of d country & share mkt is one of d imp barometer of economy.We can learn & at d same tym earn some money too.There r 100s of factors which cannot b discussed in one article & my objective is not to state advantages or disadvantages of stock trading.

If u r risk averse ,u can jst invest in IPO/FPO esp of govt companies bcoz of late govt has been disinvesting & companies like coal india,pwr grid,SCI,EIL & MOIL have given gud returns to us retail investors,often more than 50%.So it’s not too late to open a dmat a/c & start trading coz many IPO/FPOs r lined up.

It’s an age to learn.Whole life is left to earn.So i suggest to equip oneself wid as much knowledge u can gather for that added advantage over others.Small things like learning to drive,learning any foreign language or learnig SAP or any ERp package can make a huge diff to our carreer.

We all knw abt risk in CA,pass %age so its apt to think smart & do some extra labour because if only hard work had paid then donkey wud have been d king of d jungle not lion.Think beyond books...there’s much more to life than may and nov........

I knw its tough to carry so many tasks when study of CA itself demands so much but its d tym to do it & if we wait 4 d rite tym......we shall always b waiting coz rite tym never comes......The choice is always urs....u can do or u can leave...........all d best