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Revision in my style

*RENU SINGH * (✩ §m!ℓ!ñġ €ม€§ fℓม!ñġ ђ♪gђ✩ )     04 October 2014

✩ §m!ℓ!ñġ €ม€§ fℓม!ñġ ђ♪gђ✩  
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Revision in  My style

Revision is surely an important criteria for successful evaluation of your preparation. In case, you are sincere and have read your whole course 2-3 times and likes to have chits for revision, then this article is not for u as you can prepare in much better way.

And those who are completing their syallabus for first time or in the progress of accomplishing, this article is surely dedicated to you . Alrighty be mighty ..... let’s carry on

Revision is true reflection of what you read. And the thumbrule is “less you read, better you revise”

But But But ..... as we  all know our textbooks don’t cover  tiny miny syllabus. Its  like pacific ocean covering the whole world of our mind . So what we should do :-

Let’s do it my style. First of all ,You must know what kinda person you are and what kinda revision style will suit you. I can classify revision in 3 styles :-


  1. Chart style :- This type of persons are really relaxed with their study preparation even at last minute. Don’t like hyper tension and havethe attitude of “My marksheet is not enough to define me” . The persons who first like to overview the syllabus. Then count the chapter pages. And like everything in simple, sweet and shortest way. They can be  described as visual learner.So the best way of revision for them is to connect the chapter summary or complex question in form of charts,flowcharts ,a simple diagram,beatiful scribbling, means whatever look intersting and short at the same time.  As you are more concerned with overview rather than thorough study.


  1. Bullet style :-  This type of persons are bit more tense and get hyper active and hyper tense in case of things don’t go well. Stress takers when preparation is behind the timeline. They want to have the overview and deep interest in same but are more concerned with presentation and legible writing style, normally have the attitude of  risk-aversions , like to play on safe side of road. Then don’t follow the first style until and unless it’s necessary. Try to mesmerize things in bullet style or say remember main points in your style. It  will help you in regaining confidence and you will concentrate only on your problem areas. Bullets are like hints which you need and for the rest, you can make a way.


  1. Big Picture: - these kind persons are really terrible at revision. I also fall in this category.  They like to explore and search. Either they do it with all their heart or don’t do at all. They are not concerned with their presentation or overview. Their main focus is to have conceptual understanding. And in case, they ever try to compromise on that front ,face real hell. As they read so much that energy to revise doesn’t remain at all.


  1. Grab your concepts first no matter how many references you need to read or persons you need to ask.
  2. Get back to your main book.  Connect the idea of what you have understand with the main book.
  3. Cut the irrelevant portion completely. Because even a slight view of the same will tempt you to read that.
  4. Underline in different styles and make sure you never ever try to have an Bird eye overview as next time you will force yourself to read again.

I’d say these kinda persons are real hard workers but their stupidities can make harm them more than institute can. So be cautious.


And lastly I’d say

 (A calm mind is always more powerful than a stressed mind, so doing it with all your smile and style.) T M L



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YUVRAJ KHOBRAGADE (ICAI)     04 October 2014

 29 points

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Pls tell me about the technique for remember points ......i always forgot points in exam


Sathish M (Management Accountant)     04 October 2014

Sathish M
Management Accountant 
 3422 likes  40544 points

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Thank you ma'am for your insight, hope this write-up will help a lot of students to do a small introspection and probably try correct / modify their approach in order to succeed.


Santhosh Poojary (SIEMPRE AHÍ PARA TI)     04 October 2014

Santhosh Poojary
 2659 likes  15587 points

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Very helping write up at  right time as exam days are coming close Nd most of the students are going through revision part…

What I find helps me is making sure all my notes are in order and sort them into topic sections. always make sure you have all notes.
when exams get nearer don't juggle your subjects. when your exams are just a month away read for the closest exams….its always easier to remember things in your own handwriting then just things written in the books….

draw mind maps,,, its fun if you take your time and get them really pretty…learn then test yourself. draw pictures with key words can make you remember them better. always have a drink with you And sip it often because it apparently it helps you concentrate - we were always encouraged to drink water in our school tym….Revision should be a process of consolidating understanding rather than cramming as much information as possible before the morning of the exam….! 

keep writing...!

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Sathish M (Management Accountant)     04 October 2014

Sathish M
Management Accountant 
 3422 likes  40544 points

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Thank you sir for your value added suggestions and I hope students will suggestions given by experts like you.

tushar (PAST ARTICLE)     04 October 2014

 8 likes  244 points

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Thank u madam It has been after a long tym that i hv seen ur article


Hardik Dave (IPCC and CS Professional(FINAL) Student)     04 October 2014

Hardik Dave
IPCC and CS Professional(FINAL) Student 
 3303 likes  15510 points

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Thanku for sharing Sister.smiley


*RENU SINGH * (✩ §m!ℓ!ñġ €ม€§ fℓม!ñġ ђ♪gђ✩ )     05 October 2014

✩ §m!ℓ!ñġ €ม€§ fℓม!ñġ ђ♪gђ✩  
 4418 likes  21607 points

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@ Yuvraj ... Give me a week time to think ...I'd surely write about it :) @ santosh ..... nice, even I love to have a glass of water while studying :)


ajaykumar (CA Practice )     05 October 2014

CA Practice  
 21 points

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that's a good techs mam and i think i fall in second category . but one thing i would like to tell  u is that in examination hall i get stress of fer,so how to overcome it please tell me .                                    but as we no wonders are been done out of blunderrs....smiley                 


Mitesh J Mistry (Working as Audit Executive with CNJ Chartered Accountants)     05 October 2014

Mitesh J Mistry
Working as Audit Executive with CNJ Chartered Accountants 
 1 likes  28 points

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Nice clarification Ms. Renu.. Thanks

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