Please support the PEII students -Share your opinions

Pranjal (Student CA IPC / IPCC) (531 Points)

31 May 2010  
As we the PE II students' future & career are at stake,we should come together & do every possible bit for d common good of all.After going through several ideas suggested by fellow students,I want to share one idea which was going on in my mind for quite sometime now.What about d idea of taking help of some reputed news channel say the CNN IBN to focus our issue.I think every one will agree that media nowadays plays a crucial role in focussing very vital issues of the society.There r instances when even the govt was compelled to take note of certain issues.Most of the media personalities are quite accessible these days through twitter.Why not give a try in this regard?.Please share your thoughts & action plans in this regard.Just remember our action must b swift,fast & result oriented.